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    Radiators not heating up

    Good evening I wonder if anyone can be of assistance. I live in a 1 bed flat and 2 of my 3 radiators are not heating up. The main radiator in the lounge is hot but the one in bathroom is luke warm at best and the one in bedroom is stone cold. I thought they may need bleeding, but there...
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    Best Filler

    Good afternoon I have always used polyfilla in the past and find it quite hard to smooth down. We have had some work to the damaged plaster work in our block of flat's communal hall and the contractor has used this filler which was really smooth. Can anyone give me any tips of the best...
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    Installing spotlights

    Good Morning I am thinking about changing my single standard light in my lounge for spotlights. The room is a standard size lounge living room in a flat. Can anyone give me any idea how many spotlights I may need and a roungh idea of how much an electrician will charge. Thanks in...
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    Lining Paper question

    Good afternoon I am soon to begin lining my lounge. Does anyone have any tips of how to line a window recess? Thanks in advance for your assistance. Regards george0401
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    Replacing 2 way light switches

    Dear all I am replacing 2 light switches on 2 way circuit with new ones I have bought. The new switches are arranged differently to the old ones with 3 places for the wires labelled: L2 COM L1 Can anyone please tell me which wire goes where. Thanks in advance. George
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    Painting paper covered polystyrene coving

    Good Morning all. I have just put up some paper covered polystyrene coving. Does anyone have any tips about what paint to use to provide the best finish? Thanks in advance for any help. Regards George
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    Lighting help needed

    Good Morning I would be grateful if someone could please help wiyh my problem. I have tiled my kitchen and in doing so removed the light switch socket to tile underneath. My kitchen has a circuit whereby 2 switches control 1 light. (Is it a 3 way switch?) After I had finished and...
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    Kitchen tiling

    Good afternoon all I am a newbie and would like to give tiling my new kitchen a go. I have read the basic advice on the forum and although a great help I have 3 more questions: 1) In removing the old tiles, I have taken gouges out of the plaster. I was thinking of mixing some plaster...
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    Watering down paint

    Good afternoon all This may sound like a really stupid question, so I apologies in advance. I have relined with 1400 lining paper. I am going to give base coat with Dulux Matt white paint. There is all talk on the board about watering down the paint. Can someone please tell me how I do...
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    Replacing Kitchen

    Hi there I wonder if someone can please help me. I have ordered a new kitchen and have organised with a friend to install it. I am organising the relevant trades to do the technical bits. Regarding the electrics, I do not envisage much needing changing, however I have been informed of a...
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    Lining paper question for painting

    Good morning Recently put up 1400 lining paper. 1st time I have done it and in about 3 places there is a tiny bit of overlapping. How would you suggest that I try to cover up that and also any gaps I find? Thanks George
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    Good evening I have just ordered a kitchen from B&Q which will be delivered in a month or so. Can anyone tell me the order in which things should be done I need to re tile, re paint, fit cabinets and put in a new lino flooring. Any help would be greatly appreciated George
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    Howdens kitchens

    Good Afternoon After reading some posts I have heard that Howdens kitchens are pretty good. How do they compare in price to B&Q etc? Regards George
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    Painting lining paper

    Good afternoon I have just put up 1400 lining paper and need to know if I need to prepare it or put an undercoat on before I paint it? Regards george
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    Small kitchen project

    Good afternoon I am in the process of looking for a new kitchen. My issue is that I live in a small flat where the kitchen is tiny. At present one of the worktops and base units are 500mm deep as that is the largest they can be to fit through. As such we will have to cut the piping...
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    About to put up lining paper

    Good afternoon everyone. I am about to decorate my flat and am very new to decorating. The long and short of it is that I have had mould grow on some walls due to condensation. I have come to conclusion that I am going to put polystyrene warmaline onto the areas that have been affected to...
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    Painting exterior front door

    Good afternoon i am painting a new mahogany front door black. I would like some advice whether to paint the doodr with gloss or use a stain? Can someone please tell me the way to get the best finish. Regards George0401
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    Tips for removing lining paper

    Evening all I am in the midst of removing lining paper which has been covered in emulsion. I have a wall paper remover type thing that produces steam, but it is not very effective. Does anyone have any tips that might be able to help me in my hour of need?? Regards George
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    Green layer on plaster

    Good evening I posted a topic a while ago regarding mould caused by condensation that is on our walls. In the offending areas I have stripped the lining paper to reveal, in patches, a green coloured layer. It looks to me as if it could be some sort of mould resistant paint or something...
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    Advice on an elctric pumped shower

    Good afternoon, Our flat suffers from intermittent water pressure that plays havoc with our electric shower. We have been considering changing it for ages and we will have to now as it has just packed up. I have been doing some research on electric pumped showers fed from the cold water...