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    CLT modular housing

    Hi, we're considering making an offer on a house in south London, a new build made via CLT modular housing. I'm doing some research on this tecnique, and I was wondering if anyone has some feedback to share? Pros, Cons, things to consider? Based on the little I've read so far, it seems it allows...
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    Flat flooded due to insufficient temporary waterproofing of single ply flat roof

    Hi, our residential flat roof is being refurbished due its deterioration caused by bad ventilation and related condensation. The insurance did not pay for a temporary roof, and both the insurerance adjuster and the roofer that won the contract guaranteed that the work could be done without it...
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    Contractor Insolvency Insurance - Sarnafil

    Hi, we are in the process of installing a brand new Sarnafil roof on our residential building (the one we have now is deteriorating because of bad ventilation, root cause: bad design). Luckily the insurance is covering the cost. Sarnafil will provide a Materials insurance backed guarantee, but...
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    3 Questions on roof refurbishment

    Hi Everyone, we need to refurbish our residential building flat roof (6 flats on 3 floors, around 150 square metres), as condensation led to board deterioration. Essentially we're going to strip out the old/deteriorated boards and install brand new ones, and apply torch-on felt. We have...