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    Concealed cistern, replacing the flush valve

    Good morning all, The flush valve on my bog cistern is sticking open, I believe it is the switch for some reason placing too much tension on the cable and jamming it open as without the switch on the cable the valve closes properly. Regardless, I don't think I can change it separately so it all...
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    Removing posts from metpost supports

    Hi all, My garden is raised relative to the neighbour's with a block retaining wall. The fence separating the two gardens runs along the retaining wall with the posts going into concreted in met post holders in the wall itself. Time has come to replace the 10 panel fence and the posts (want a...
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    Consumer units

    Morning all, I recently moved house and found that the external garage had power, supplied by a cable coming out of the loft. Upon checking it seems that the cable leading to the garage is part of the upstairs socket ring, extended out to the garage using what appears to be unarmoured cable...
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    Decking over grass - simple foundations

    Afternoon all, I'm thinking of fitting some decking in my garden. The area to be covered is fairly level grass and I don't want the deck to be raised. My neighbour recently did something similar, he used stacks of broken paving slabs to level and support the deck frames, lined the underside...
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    Lighting junction box to put into ceiling

    Morning all, I have ceiling light (batten? a normal bulb held in a fitting like a ceiling rose without a flex) in my porch I want to replace with a flush fit dome light. Porch has a flat roof so I can't get to the top side of my ceiling without removing the roof, as such I can't screw...
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    Bowing garage wall

    Afternoon all, Just noticed the garage wall on the house I've just bought is bowing inwards slightly at the middle of the wall. Garage is made with single skin brick walls on three sides, with a block wall shared with the neighbour. Flat roof. Concrete base is undamaged. The wall in...