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    Suitable Tiles for Outdoor Use

    Does anyone have any advice/experience on laying floor tiles outdoors? I have a small well sheltered courtyard and fancy doing something a bit different than slabs, setts, gravel, etc. I will be laying a concrete screed atop the current concrete slab to give the required rainwater fall...
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    Query Over Application of Screwfix's Pitch Roof Insulation

    I was after a warm pitched (lean-to) roof. But the cost of the insulation boards and breather membrane are just too expensive when all I need to cover is about 4 sqm of roof. Then I found Screwfix's "Pitch Roofing Insulation" which are 105x400x1200mm insulation boards with integral water...
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    Tarred Gaskin Anyone!?

    Anyone know what tarred gaskin is and where to get hold of it from? I need to connect underground plastic drainage pipe to an old clay pipe via an adapter which requires caulking the joint using the olde worlde gaskin method.
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    Can DPM form DPC?

    Is it sufficient to insert the DPM from the internal floor slab into the internal section of a cavity wall to form the DPC; or is a separate DPC strip required in addition to the DPM? If so (i) WHY and (ii) does it matter if the DPM sits atop or beneath the DPC? Thanks
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    Joining underground uPVC pipe to old clay socketed pipe

    I need to shift a gully a metre from where it is now and slightly reroute the underground drain pipes in my yard. The old drain pipes are socketed clay pipes with rigid mortar joints. I intend to replace the pipes with uPVC and fit a new gully. I need to join the new uPVC section to the...
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    Help with Calculating Required Gutter Capacity

    Hey there. Wondering if you have any rules of thumb / methods of determining required gutter size for a lower smaller roof that has to cope with the rainwater from a higher larger roof as well as its own? My main roof (one 'pitch') is about 33sqm, being 10.5m wide. It has standard 112mm half...
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    Porch: Timber, Solid Masonry or Cavity Masonry Dwarf Wall?

    I am soon to build a small rear porch (less than 3sqm and hidden behind my 2.9m boundary wall). I only need to erect an 'L shaped wall' as it abuts an existing extension and will be built level with it. I will obviously have to prepare a foundation (probably trench fill). I have never...
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    Flashing On Slate Roof Against Stone Wall

    Just come across this great forum. Wonder if anyone can advise me on installing flashing on a slate roof against a stone wall? I wish to re-weatherproof a 1940s extension against circa 1850 stone walls. I have read plenty of advice on angle grinding between brick courses (and just looked...