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    Full fill cavity wall with PIR

    I'm going to be getting major refurbishment done at my house that hasn't been touched for 40 years or so. I'll be removing a few external walls and extending them out, but in doing so the solid wall will become cavity walls. I assume I can't leave the cavity completely empty? So if that's the...
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    Complete house rewire, what to expect? What to do?

    Hi all, I've had some plans drawn up for the refurb on my house, it's a 1930s house that hasn't been touched in perhaps 40 years or so. The wiring in ancient and needs to be completely redone. These are my proposed plans: Currently the fuse box is where the new WC is...
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    Creating wooden frame for outside concrete bar top

    Hi all, I was watching this YouTube video recently and he managed to sell me on the idea to make my own concrete worktop for a bar area in the garden. I am a complete novice at woodworking so it'll be one hell of a learning process. I'm planning to make a top that is 160 x 80 x 5cm, this...