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  1. von555

    Fixing a bathroom tap

    Looking for the easiest way to fix this bath tap. Can't get a plumber for months.
  2. von555

    Fit toilet seat without instructions

    Hi. Looking for advice on fitting this toilet seat. My attempt didnt work. Presumably there's a way all the bits and pieces are supposed to fit together...
  3. von555

    How to shut off mains water in kitchen

    I need to turn off my mains water. I presume this is the valve im looking for. Shall i use a wrench to shut the valve or buy something? *help* :)
  4. von555

    Identify object found in garden?

    I have no idea what this is. I found it in my garden one night. It is very heavy. I thought DIYnoters might know what it is (not the teacup!):
  5. von555

    Where to start diagnosing high voltage spikes?

    Just looking for some advice. I bought a UPS to protect a computer from occasional outages. It has been going to battery despite there being no power problems. After speaking to the manufacturer it seems the problem is one of high voltage input. Here's a nice graph I made from the readings...
  6. von555

    Opinion re knocking down larder?

    I have my fridge inside a small larder in the kitchen. Unfortunately it ruptured a copper pipe today, causing some mayhem. I think the best thing would be to knock down the larder, reroute the pipes and put the fridge into the new alcove. I have no idea how to go about doing any of this. Any...
  7. von555

    Safely drilling wall near light swith?

    Hi. I want to screw an intercom receiver above a light switch, but don't want to screw it into any live cables. Here is a picture of the general area: Here is the backplate taped on the wall: And the intercom: I have a 4 in 1 stud and electrics detector, although...
  8. von555

    Replace Lifestyle LP111 with Horstmann Wireless Thermostat

    Hello. I would like some advice regarding whether this will work. I have a Lifestyle LP111 controlling an Alpha Combi boiler (CB24X). It is programmed to come on in the morning and evening, and I use the advance button to turn it on, as and when needed. I have purchased a Horstmann HRFS1...
  9. von555

    Intermittent Hot Water

    I have a boiler which supplies hot water and central heating. When the heating is off I get water through the kitchen and bathroom taps (it cycles warm, cold, then gets to the correct temperature - usually). BUT when the heating is off it is rare to get hot water from the hot water taps. I think...
  10. von555

    Overflow from attic leaking

    Yesterday I noticed this overflow leaking: I noticed it some 3 hours after dynarod had blasted a waterjet up to the stack (to sort out a blockage). 1) Are the events related? 2) What do I do to fix? I've been up into the attic (tight fit) and there's a water tank connected to the...
  11. von555

    Adding catflap to conservatory wall...

    Hi. Wonder if someone can point me in the right direction. I've started adding a catflap into a wall in my conservatory. I have cut a square through some plasterboard to be presented with a breeze block. I really need to cut a nice neat square hole through the breeze block, but I can't seem...