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  1. grizzlybiker

    Beko gas cooker - replacing grill thermocouple

    I'm replacing the grill thermocouple in this 2004 DVG9621 cooker. Is access to that from above, that is by removing the hob burner plate. Or maybe it accessed by removing the front control panel. Thank you I am qualified.
  2. grizzlybiker

    Drip where ribbed dishwasher outlet pipe joins sink waste?

    Having just re-connected the outlet tube from my dishwasher to the spur / "fir tree connector" at the kitchen basin waste (just above the "S" bend - I have a small leak. It drips abut half a cupful every 30 minutes if the dishwasher is working. Hopefully the picture is visible below. The...
  3. grizzlybiker

    Quote for new guttering + tiles

    A builder-roofer came round delivering leaflets and he noticed I have a few slipped, loose or de-laminated roof tiles (expensive Marley Rosemary he said) . So I asked him for a price. I have a 4 bed semi with a few bits added on. I also mentioned I had a gutter overflow. He then...
  4. grizzlybiker

    Using an angle grinder with mortar rake disc

    I need to partially repoint the mortar in my wall, so I need to remove about 20 metres (x 5mm?) in length. Just for this job, I had thought of buying a cheap "Energer" 4.5 inch £19.99 angle grinder from Screwfix plus a 115mm mortar rake disc for it. Is it likely that this small tool will...
  5. grizzlybiker

    Clip broken that secures kitchen drawer front

    After walking into my kitchen drawer I need to replace one of these clips that has broken. I believe the drawer to be Screiber from Homebase about 10 years ago. Is there any hope ? :( [/img]
  6. grizzlybiker

    Cost of supply and fit 2 residential consumer units

    An old lady friend recently had 2 residential consumer units fitted: one for the electric overnight storage heaters in her very small house and the other for the ring mains. She was charged £800 cash for supply and fitting. No other work was done. The receipt shows the tradesman as "Local...
  7. grizzlybiker

    Bosch Logxx KGU32121GB fridge freezer - fan often on

    Situated in our centrally heated (22c) kitchen, I can hear the FF quietly whirring - on and off - for what seems maybe a third of the day in total. I assume this noise is usually the circulating fan that makes the unit frost free. The fan is not constant as it stops for periods. Overall...
  8. grizzlybiker

    Hopefully 3 not too difficult questions

    I have just replaced my Grundfos pump and it would be really helpful if anyone could help me with any of the following: 1. Should this red gate value be open or closed (er what does it do) ?
  9. grizzlybiker

    Gurgling noises from M/Vs

    I have a gurling, bubbling noise coming from both my CH and HW m/vs and, as the m/vs are not bleedable, I wonder if I should bleed the adjacent Grundfos 50-150 / 130 pump. I understand that I need to un-screw the 23mm diameter silver-coloured slotted head on the Grundfos until I catch water...
  10. grizzlybiker

    Is this an automatic HW air vent ?

    I have what I assume is a vent mechanism that bleeds the hot water system of air locks (rather than for the CH) and it is just by the side of my hot water cylinder above my gas boiler. Does this bleed and get rid of any airlocks automatically or do I have to do anything e.g. jab a skewer done...
  11. grizzlybiker

    Motorised valve replacement - Must I drain down whole system

    I need to replace my sticking HW m/v, shown on the attached picture. How do I stop water spurting out as I do it ? Artic Freeze would not work for me - do I have to drain the whole CH system and empty the HW cylinder or is there an easier way ...
  12. grizzlybiker

    Sliding Door Gear Ball Race-why does "914mm" measu

    I need to replace the sliding door gear (aka Door Sliding Ball Race) for my 30" (762mm) interior sliding door. I want the door to slide open fully so I assumed that I need a track that has a minimum width of say 1,524mm(762mm x 2). So I go to screwfix and the helpful server shows me one that...
  13. grizzlybiker

    Why is the "hot" water in my taps and shower only

    My combined (not combi) gas HW+CH system has been working with no problems then suddenly, last week, the "hot" water coming out of the shower and all taps is barely warm. The gas boiler and the programmer lights are on. It seems that the HW is being partly heated but not anything like hot...
  14. grizzlybiker

    Should I plaster or render ?

    I have a small bare brick wall in a small bedroom that is cold in winter. I would like it skimmed before plaster boarding it. If it should be plastered, I will get a man in as I unedrstand that plastering is more difficult. If it can be skimmed with mortar, I would like to have a go myself...