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    180 degree bend from toilet outflow

    Hi , I just wanted to ask for peoples experience/advice. I am installing a toilet under the ground floor stairs. The 6 metre 110mm soil pipe will go from here to the back garden under the floor hanging from the joists. Only issue is the direction the toilet will face(towards the garden) means...
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    flat roof extension - about to insulate after alterations.

    I have a flat roof extension done around 1975. The ceiling joists are close to 7 inches. There is rockwool between the joists. and normal plasterboard which I want to just repair. I have removed an internal wall under the flat roof which divided the kitchen and living area where there were...
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    Engineered oak flooring in kitchen / open plan living- Q's

    I have an open plan living room kitchen and have purchased pre-oiled engineered oak plus a container of oil. I have previously taken down a wall so i have 2 different coverings. 1 side is half floorboards and half concrete. other side is half floorboards with mahogany parquet and half...
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    Lighting problem. load and connection

    I have 2 MCB's at 6A one for upstairs and one for downstairs. I am adding some lighting for under the kitchen wall cabinets although am not sure whether to go for small fluorescent or ELV spots. I just want to check how to do a calculation to make sure the load is permitted.? is it purely...
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    double socket- 2 cables or 1 ?

    Hi , apologies I made a mistake posting this.
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    small load bearing wall

    I have purchased a house with an old extension to the living room and kitchen. The extension is 1 storey at ground level and has a flat roof. Dividing the kitchen and living room is a brick wall which I wish to knock through. So, this brick wall purely supports the flat roof. I have made some...