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    this passed a pat test

    Believe it or not this had been passed, I was reliably informed by the manageress that the tester pulled the plug out of the wall and tested it without doing anything else, it passed and he plugged it back ???? was he blind - stupid or just plain dumb
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    aritech acl 599

    Does anyone have manuals for Aritech ACL 599 door access panels, I have numerous ones in shops and need to alter the codes but dont know how ?
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    air source heating

    Hello chaps, I have today learnt that myself and family have been accepted for a government grant for a fully fitted air source heat pump system, so was just wondering if anyone knows how good these systems are and if anyone has had dealings with the grant awards ? Just for reference we live...
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    transmigration of pvc

    Problem is the old pvc cable and polystyrene insulation. Is there any regulation or part of building regs that stipulates pvc cable must not come into contact with polystyrene ? Im aware of the dangers of transmigration of the polymers from the pvc deteriorating over time when exposed to...
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    fitting a stove on pressurised system

    At present we have an external oil boiler, what we want to do is get rid of that and install a multifuel boiler inside. Ive had a look in the airing cupboard and there is a filling loop and an expansion vessel so im presuming its a pressurised system ? Can I cut the flow and return on the...
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    Disabled hot taps

    Are there any regs for max temperature on Disabled thermostatically controlled taps, most commercial taps have to be above 50 deg for legionella does that apply to disabled tapa if you follow my drift ?
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    motorcyclists and speed limits

    How come motorcyclists are exempt from obeying the speed limits on roads ? one of these ****s was recently clocked going through the village where I live at 105....the limit in our village is 30....what an utter to55er as in my opinion most motorcyclists are.
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    240v fan above bath

    My mother has recently moved into warden assisted accomodation, saturday was the first time I had visited her and as usual she had a few jobs for me to do, her nice new consumer unit had a lovely niceic sticker saying it had just been tested 3 days before she moved in. Needless to say I was...
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    speeding fines parking and the law

    Ive noticed a few threads on ere relaiting to speeding namely being zapped by laser or gatso, there is a section of a free forum that deals with any queries or pending proescutions etc also common myths. Dont also forget the new rules for parking tickets etc it is now not a requirement to issue...
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    Just been doing a contract job for a contractor that is working on an NHS site, senario: two story block student flats, two D.B's one on each floor, fed in pyro some 50 m run no bigger than 6mm, only earth was of inadequate size off the conduit box terminal, so this contractor has put in two...
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    wireless switches

    Does anyone know of wireless switches ? A few years ago me and the mrs went to the ideal homes show, I saw a product there which was a small transmitter 9v powered which you could fit into a switch, then there was a 240v reciever which you could place into the light fitting you wanted it to...
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    Is your call to the emergency services really necessary ?

    With reference to last nights quake. Why does joe public phone the emergency services when something like this happens just to ask was that an earth quake or tell them oh my house just shook. The emergency services are there for one reason EMERGENCIES ie if your life or your property is in...
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    Work collegue and pipes

    Not my disasters but a couple whilst working with my collegue at Notts council, first one was when my mate was putting up a bayonnet fitting in a wc above a toilet...he dropped his snips into the pan...shortly afterwards the tenant went into her kitchen and in a rather loud voice said theres...
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    two boilers on one system

    Right then I have an oil fed boiler that does the heating and water, at the moment I also have a multi fuel stove, in the not to distant future I want to replaice this with a multi fuel stove but with a back boiler, my question is how do I incorporate a second boiler into my system and do it so...
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    GU10 lamp exploding !!!

    Newby on here btw 20 years a spark. Just wondered if any other sparks or joe public have had problems with GU10 lamps literally exploding, I recently bought some GE 50w and withing a matter of hours of use one had exploded showering my little un with glass and red hot metal shards from the...