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    Double Glazing - Glass replacement/Sealed unit?

    One of the double glazed windows in my flat, has 'popped'...I was away during summer for couple of weeks, when I returned one of the windows had a massive cracks from the inside; which really confused me as at first I thought someone had broken in! However, having gathered my senses and...
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    How do I fix a wood plasterboard/chipboard ceiling?

    Please accept my apologies for not giving an accurate description. I have a wooden ceiling - I don't know if it is plasterboard or chipboard or something else. Anyways, the ceiling is in the lounge and had a blister and felt damp to the touch, just where the taps for the bathtub are located...
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    Hot Water Cylinder - Overflow?

    Recently, the Hot Water Cylinder has been overflowing into the Cold Water Storage tank via a return pipe - which does not stop until I turn the power off to the cylinder. I changed the heating element nearly 2yrs ago, when the old one died. It has a built in thermostat, and slots in from the...