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    Can I Cut This Gas Pipe?

    As crude a title as this sounds. I am fairly confident that I can just cut through this pipe. It appears to have no valve on the end and doesn't look to have been capped or soldered. It runs from the fireplace (disconnected 15 years ago by previous owner) into the concrete floor. Again I am...
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    Chase and Redirect Central Heating Pipes into Drywall

    Hey all, I was just looking to query what you think the average price for the following job would be. I have had one guy quote £600 plus materials so far but it seems a bit steep especially considering they thought it would take 2 days. I have 3 runs of central heating copper pipe that supply...
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    Floorboard Runs Under Wall

    Hi, I am in the process of taking up a run of boards to gain access to lay cable for the electrician. One board that I need to get up spans 2 rooms annoyingly. There is a central heating pipe on the other side of the wall which also runs up through this board. This is second floor and looks...
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    Cut Bracing Between Floorboard Joists

    Hi, I am in the middle of a project to install an inceiling projector screen in our downstairs living room. I have started taking the boards up (in the room above) as cleanly as I can and have come into contact with crossed bracing and a more sturdier wooden beam which is reinforced with a bar...
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    Replacing Floorboards on 1st Floor

    Hi, We are looking to install a dropdown projector in our home (along with some other electronics). The room above the living room just so happens to have the joists running the right direction for this to happen. However the whole floor (an area of 11' 10" x 13' 2") is tongue and groove fitted...
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    Fireplace Flue Flush With Wall

    Hi all, We have just pulled out our fireplace to reveal the flue. We are looking to have it covered (with a vent near the bottom) with plasterboard and the whole room plastered. Currently the actual flue does not sit flush with the wall. Is this something that could be solved by a simple bit...