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    Bosch Exxcel dishwasher intermittent emptying.

    Bearings going in the pump I think. I would get a spare pump just in case. You need to find the website with the models and serial numbers so you can check if it is there are lots. You can then check the board located at the top of the door to see if it has been upgraded or just check it anyway...
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    Tumble dryer E60 error code

    E60 fault I think is a motor problem. After 12 years it could be the brushes are worn but maybe the problem is not the motor itself but the circuit that detects that the motor is actually turning. Its possible that the machine only turns the heater on once it detects that the drum is turning...
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    Intermittent noise coming from my mum's oven

    Which model is it? If its one with top heating, bottom heating and fan and you are using it in combination mode its possible that the fan element has blown and the fan blade is clipping it as it goes round. Take all the shelves out take the cover off the fan element from inside the oven (2 or 4...
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    Bosch Exxcel dishwasher intermittent emptying.

    Constantly using these dishwashers on low temp causes the drainage pipes to clog up with grease and they can get blocked by small bits of glass etc. This has the effect of reducing the flow and putting more load on the drain motor. The only way to clear this is to pop the left hand side panel of...