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    extractor fan wiring problem

    Any suggestions anyone please?............ I had an extractor fan installed 4 years ago in a new downstairs loo. It was a timer fan which came on with the light switch. It worked fine for 4 years then broke, so I bought a new timer fan which I assumed would be a straight swop - I installed it...
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    How is this shower wall outlet removed?

    Hi, this is the wall outlet of an old Mira Excel mixer shower. I need to remove it, so I can re-tile the shower. Can anyone advise me how the plastic elbow is removed? It will rotate freely, but not unscrew. It seems very resistant to simply being pulled straight off. I want to re-use it -...
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    Threads cut incorrectly on new radiator?

    Hi, I have fitted quite a few radiators over the years but have a new problem. I have bought a new column radiator - fairly cheap and no doubt imported. I've tried screwing in radiator tails dry, ie no tape - just to make sure they fit - and only get half way in before becoming really tight...