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  1. J

    Landscaper or Builder?

    There's a drainage ditch running along the boundary of my front garden with my driveway crossing over it into the garden. I'm now thinking of getting the driveway across the drainage ditch widened, a retaining wall built along the length of the drainage ditch and the embankment levelled. Left...
  2. J

    Cavity Wall Insulation

    I'm looking for guidance on finding a reputable cavity wall insulation company. I live in the Hampshire area and have contacted a number of companies including a Hampshire based company which has the highest rating on Checkatrade. However, this company turned out to be (in my opinion) a complete...
  3. J

    Breeze Block Outline Appears Through Painted Wall

    All our inside walls are painted white and on the east facing side of the house you can see shadows in the paint which look like the breeze block outlines. We sealed the plaster with unibond, used a good undercoat and no matter how many top coats we apply the shadows always seem to return after...
  4. J

    Poor Flow Through Upstairs Shower and Taps

    We've recently had a new thermostatic shower fitted and flow of the new shower is poor compared to the old shower. I don't know if its related in any way, but the flow through all our upstairs hot taps is quite poor now. When you turn on the hot bath tap (for example), the flow is ok for about...
  5. J

    New Shower Flow Much Reduced

    We've just had a new thermostatic shower supplied and fitted by a local company. We have a gravity fed system and our old thermostatic (Aqualisa) shower had an extremely good flow rate. We were informed in advance that the new shower would have a slightly reduced flow compared to our old shower...
  6. J

    Dismantling Shower Light Fitting?

    Does anyone know how to dismantle the combined shower light/vent fitting shown below in order to access the transformer (for the light) which needs replacing? Thanks.
  7. J

    Shower Unit Question

    My AQUALISA (AQUARIAN) shower unit has been dripping from round the temperature control for ages. The plastic shaft around which the temperature control rotates has recently broken too and the temperature control is now hanging lose. Does anyone know if these shower units can be taken apart...
  8. J

    CH Radiator Replacement

    Our living room layout is quite limited by the radiator which takes up too much wall space, so I'd like to replace it with a higher/narrower radiator. I did a bit of research on the internet and worked out that our living room requires about 1416W/4832BTU of heat. I also found out that our...
  9. J

    Cutting along the bottom of a wooden bath panel?

    I've just had a new bathroom floor laid and I now need to cut about 8mm off along the bottom of a 18mm thick wooden bath panel. Can anyone please advise the best way to do this? Thanks, JtB.
  10. J

    How do I take out bath taps?

    Hi all, I'm getting water leaking under the far side bath tap (photo below) and dripping through the hole onto the floor. Can anyone please tell me how to get a spanner into the narrow gap between the bath and the wall so that I can take out the taps and re-seal the hole? Thanks.
  11. J

    Any Idea Why My Floor Tiles Cracked?

    When my house was built (about 7 years ago), I paid a tiler to tile the bathroom and en-suite floors. Very soon afterwards cracks started appearing in the tiles (you could hear the tiles cracking at night time). The tiles were laid directly onto a chipboard floor and the tiler said they would...
  12. J

    Is Karndean Like Real Wood?

    Most of the floor tiles which were laid in our bathroom and en-suite when our house was new (about 7 years ago) have since cracked. Several tillers have offered quotes for re-laying new floor tiles and have assured me that they will not crack again, however based on my experience with the...
  13. J

    Bathroom Floor?

    Hi all, I'm about to re-decorate my bathroom and the first thing I intend doing is ripping up all the old floor tiles. Due to flexing of the floor, most of the tiles have cracked since they were laid about 7 years ago. I don't want to lay floor tiles again as I know they will only crack again...
  14. J

    Problem Door Frame

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum and I'm looking for a little advise on a problem door frame. I'm a DIY novice so I apologise in advance if my question seems trivial. The plaster round my back kitchen door frame started to crack a couple of years after my house was built. It was a straight...