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    Replacing glazing and handle in upvc door

    Hi Moved into a house with THE ugliest upvc front door. I'd like to replace it, but it seems to cost around £500 to have a new one fitted from what I can see (please correct me if I'm wrong!). It's mainly the glazing that's horrible, it's frosted with this big red flower on it and lead...
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    Replacing Ugly old boards with balusters

    Sorry if I got the terminology wrong... I've almost completed the renovation of my house, but the staircase banister still looks ugly. It's heavily overpainted in white gloss, and appears to consist of base and handrails, newel posts at both ends and one in the middle, and the rest (where the...
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    Where laminate meets a concrete step

    Hi I recently fitted laminate flooring throughout my hallway and kitchen (not a bad job for a newbie, too!). My only problem is where the laminate meets the concrete steps at the front and back doors. These steps are around 3-5mm higher than the surface of the laminate (if that). At the...
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    Fitting acrylic bath panel

    Hi, new to this site Have been left in the lurch by a disappearing joiner, and I would like to try to fit our white acrylic bath panel myself. I'm comfortable making the frame to attach it to etc, but the panel doesn't actually fit in place (due to tiling on the floor) and so needs trimming...