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    Ideal ICOS HE15 flashing '-' and burner

    Hi I have an Ideal ICOS HE15 boiler. It has started to have a flashing '-' in the display and the burner light flashes at the same time. Boiler is not firing up for hot water, although CH is still working. Any ideas ? Thanks.[/b]
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    Hoover VHC 381 Dryer problem

    Hi I have a Hoover VHC 381 tumble dryer. When on the 'bone dry' setting or timer it runs for a few minutes and then cuts out. To get it going again I have to switch off and back on when it is cold. Please can you suggest what is wrong with it. Thanks Phil.
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    Zanussi ZSF 6150 Dishwasher not washing

    Hi I'm hoping that someone can help .. I don't know too much about dishwashers. I have a Zanussi ZSF 6150 dishwasher which has suddenly stopped washing too well. It seems to complete it's cycle and there is water getting in however I've noticed that the tablet isn't disolving completely...
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    Indesit DIF 04 Dishwasher power problem

    Hi I have an Indesit DIF 04 dishwasher that now has no power. It was working fine and was in mid cycle. There was a powercut and when it was restored the dishwasher did not resume it's cycle. It is full of water and although has mains power to it, I can't get it to restart. Any ideas...
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    woodburning stove installation

    Can anyone advise me on the minimum clearance regulations needed at the sides of a woodburning stove in a fireplace? We have a standard small fireplace and have just taken out a gas fire with the aim of installing a stove. How much clearance do I need between the stove and the sides of the...
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    Triton t80si shower failure - power light goes out

    Hi .. I have a Triton t80si shower and when I press the start button nothing happens and the power light goes out. Press the start button again (stop) and the power light comes back on. Any ideas? Thanks Phil.
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    Bosch Washing Machine Problem

    Hi .. I have a problem with my Bosch WFL2260 washing machine. When the motor tries to turn the drum there is a click and the house lights flicker! The drum doesn't turn. I've looked at the brushes and these are all ok. Does this sound like a motor problem that would be resolved by replacing...
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    Central Heating probs

    Hi, I've been having a few issues with my central heating .. all went wrong in time for Christmas! I have a normal gas boiler running both hot water and central heating. Both run through a pump and a 3 port motorised value (Y plan I believe) (I'm not a plumber or an electrician!) It...
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    Bosch Dishwasher (sgs5342gb) stuck in cycle

    Hi .. I have a Bosch dishwasher (Hyrdosensor - SGS5342GB) that has suddenly got stuck in a cycle. I have reset, turned off, turned on etc.. but a new cycle starts, but it just stays at 94mins to go with the pump sounding like it's operating. I have cleaned out the filters and removed the...