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    Repalcing Cold water Tank Float Valve

    Quick question please. I assume the replacement of this valve is straightforward. 3/4" part 1 HP. I also assume the cold water pipe slides into the brass float valve. However I would like to know what seals the copper cold water pipe to the brass valve body . Is there an olive below the...
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    Replacing Chipboard with 25mm Plywood

    I have listened to advice and decided to replace chipboard floor with 25mm plywood. While in some ways more work, at least I can just rip the flooring up without chiselling the tiles off. Getting the plywood tomorrow. Can I ask a further question. How should the plywood sheets, 2440mm x 1220...
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    Removing floor tiles

    I will be installing a new kitchen soon. I want to replace the existing floor tiles. How easy/difficult will this job be. The tiles are on moisture resistant chipboard. I will be laying 9mm or 12mm WBP before I tile the floor.
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    Worktop Overhang

    The units I am buying are 560mm and the worktop I like, Bushboard Encore, is 650mm. When the doors, 20mm, are added the overhang would be 70mm. Is this too much and therefore I need to look at 600mm wide worktops ? Cheers
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    Bosch Washing Machine Classixx1400 Express

    What is causing a foul smell during the washing cycle only. I am sure it is not the outflow, the smell is only present during actual washing. The Bosch people advised doing a cycle with vinegar, but no this made no difference. the machine is about 2 years old Any ideas ?
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    Shower Extractor Fan Ducting

    Is it OK to route my extractor fan ducting and tee into the soil vent closeby and exiting through my pitched roof ?
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    Basin Mate

    Fitting a Basin Mate was to be my third attempt at sealing my new sink. This was after the Clicker watse washers and putty. But my sink has the overflow integral with the design of the ceramic cast sink. The waste is slotted to allow any overflow water to enter the waste pipe. Am I right...
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    Downlight/Fan above shower enclosure

    Is it ok to fit these items, or a shower fan/light combined, on the ceiling above a shower or is it better to locate them adjacent to the shower enclosure ? I was thinking they may deteriorate over time with the moisture from the shower. Any thoughts?
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    Tool for drilling holes in Tiles

    The expert tilers will know of this, but I was left a very useful tool for drilling holes in tiles. Basically it is a small template with a variety of popular drill hole sizes with a small suction pad and lever attached. The pad is moistened and the hole is positioned over the centre line of...
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    Plumbers Mait

    I have read many posts advising to use it and more posts deriding its use. What is the purpose of it ?
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    Clicker Bath Waste Leak

    I wonder if you can give me some advise. I installed a new bath with Clicker waste. I had two leaks, 1) first leak from the bath trap / clicker waste seal. I fitted a new o-ring and gave it a few more turns seems to be OK. 2) second leak appears to be coming from the backnut/ clicker...
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    Ceiling Panels

    I am fitting a white mdf ceiling (like laminate flooring) on top of my existing PB ceiling. What size of timber should I use to fix the panels too. In one direction the timber will be fitted to the roof joists. Thanks
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    Tiling behind bath

    I have gutted my bathroom and reinstalling all items in different positions. I have arranged for the tiler to come in 2 weeks to tile the walls and floor. I have read comment on tiling onto top of bath. What are disadvantages, if any, of tiling walls first and then fitting bath ? The...
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    Copper Pipe reuse

    I am installing a completely new bathroom. Everything is in a new position and a Shower enclosure is being added. All the underfloor plumbing is changing. Is it ok to reuse the copper pipe ? I have noticed that the insides of the pipe have dried out since last used (a few weeks) with blue...
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    How deep can plaster be

    I have re-sheeted my bathroom. I placed my bath against the new wall and although the bath butts against the plasterboard at each end, (joint in the middle of bath) there is a gap of about 10mm in the middle tapering out after about 400mm each. Can I level the wall by slapping on the required...
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    White or Grey Plastic Water Pipes

    What is the difference between the different coloured pipes ? Are they for different apllications ? Thanks
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    Shower Tray Option

    I have not yet bought a shower tray. Is it wise to purchase one with tiling upstands or can a good installation be had using a flat top shower tray ? thanks
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    Copper Pipe in partition wall

    I will shortly be re-fitting out my bathroom and I am adding a shower and enclosure. Can I fit copper pipe, to take the cold mains water to the shower, into the cavity or should I fit plastic coated pipe ? I was thinking about the condensation that may appear on the cold pipe. thoughts please.