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    Loft insulation boards

    Hi guys, why is it only B&Q having/doing this? any idea of similar cheaper product (not putting insulation then boarding)? thanks!
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    Luxury sealing

    Hello For the brand new wood door we are having installed we want a luxury sealing / draught proofing / noise reduction. What do I mean by this? We do not want a single narrow line of material (like a narrow draught proofing) but a material (sort of a velvet in my imagination) covering the...
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    Double dimmers on spotlights

    Hello all I am quite stressed. We have had installed six flood lights in one bedroom. There are two dimer switches controlling them (they are supposed to be two ways details are here...
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    Modern front door

    Hello all! Still for our project we want to change the front door (PVC) to a nice crispy beautiful (or simple) design. We quite like some of JBK we looovee urban front but that's way too expensive. Have you got any advices on front doors? where to look? I start being exhausted trolling the...
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    Changing the colour of external walls, back and front

    Hello We are renovating a 1960 house. It currently has red (tired) tiles on the front. We will repaint all the external tiles but we were thinking to go from red to a contemporary black. Do you know if this is possible? this is not a conservation area. There are four similar houses on a that...
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    Wall insulation

    Hello - on the ground floor we have a single skin wall facing east which we wish to insulate before building library shelves on it. It will only be insulated up to 1.5 meters as there is window (PVC) above. I was unsure about using this...
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    Outside: PVA first and then paint or the other way around?

    hello all, we are renovating a 1960 house fitted with outside tiles on the walls. We will have the house scaffolded for repairs to the roofing. We want at the same time to repaint the tiles (red) which are now tired and put a layer of PVA (which, if I understand right, will help protect from...
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    Remote recording

    Hello I have had things stolen from my driveway twice this week and we presume this is somebody local. I'd like to install a camera connected to my computer recording non-stop. Have you got any suggestions? Thanks a lot for your help this is going to be very useful. Best