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    Can't remove wooden support from wall

    Hi, can anyone help please? We have a piece of wood screwed to a wall, which was put up by the previous owners and had a 'desk' on it. We've removed the desk but can't get the wood support off the wall - most of the screws are damaged so can't turn them (I think previous owners might've tried...
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    How can I get copies of architectural plans?

    We've moved into a new house with planning permission granted for an extension. We've got one paper copy of the architect's drawings/plans but ideally need more so we can keep a copy, send one to structural engineer (we are making a change internally) and have a spare. It's printed on A2 which...
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    Changing interior wall on permitted plans

    We've recently bought a house with planning permission already granted for a small two storey extension. The current plans show the dining room and kitchen as two separate rooms, next to each other but with no connecting doors. We'd like to knock through the wall between these rooms to make a...