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    Painting Plaster On Papered Walls?

    Evening, we had a loft extension built in 2000 and the walls in the stairwell leading to it were boarded and skimmed over, I then papered the walls but now want to paint them. I have just removed all the paper with a wall paper steamer and noticed that the walls were very slippery (obviously...
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    Rules & Regs For Bathrooms

    Rules & Regs for bathrooms, Could someone please give me the lowdown on what can or cannot be done with bathroom lighting by a home DIY'er? My story, I have knocked down the wall in between my bathroom and airing cupboard, as I am wanting to turn the old cupboard into a shower. I have an...
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    Swann Camera Compatibility

    Hi, I am in the process of installing a Swann cctv system to my house, the model no is DVR84550, I will need to purchase some additional cameras and was looking at the dome kit SWPRO-736PK2 £99 and SWPRO-H855PK2 1080p HD Bullet £50,Both from Amazon. Could anyone confirm compatibility for me...
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    Arcam Amp Setup Advice

    Hi and thanks for letting me join the forum, I Initially came onto here when I goggled a problem with our dishwasher but when I found that it has an audio section I thought that can wait and that this would be the ideal place to ask a question with regards to setting up my amp that I don’t...