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    Permitted development on conservatory

    Hi, looking at the planning portal it seems that to replace my wooden conservatory with a upvc one about a third bigger is allowed under PD, the question I have is do you still inform planning and get some kind of dispensation, not sure of the process. Thanks in advance.
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    Replace old shed

    I've got an old 8x12 wooden shed that needs replacing, got the opportunity of a 8ft6x18ft concrete sectional garage, the base is over a metre from the boundary and the garage is just over 2 metres high, is there any problem doing this, do I need any permissions from planning or building control...
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    Fire door to garage

    Hi, we live in a bungalow with integral garage, the garage floor is the same height as the rest of the bungalow with a ramp up to the outside door. I want to cut an internal door to the garage, can this be done using a 100mms threshold and is it notifiable. Thanks
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    No building certificate on rsj between kitchen and dining room

    This was done about 25 years ago, just been flagged up by mortgage company what are my options, the rsj is a200x 100 spanning 3000mm