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  1. happydays129

    Wiring Double plug sockets

    hello! I need to replace 2 double plug sockets. I have 2 brand new sockets ready. How much will an electrician charge for this job? Thanks
  2. happydays129

    Induction hub not working

    Happy Boxing day, everyone. There is a problem with my SMEG induction hob. There was a bang/pop sound before MCB and RCD tripped. I managed to put MCB and RCD back on, but the induction hob shows Error code E6 on 2 burners. I have tried to reset the hob, but in vain. Anyone has an idea what it...
  3. happydays129

    MCD and RCD tripping at the same time

    I had a RCD tripping before when some incidents were related to water ingress, and MCB tripping with appliance faulty/misuse. Today, when I was using 2 hobs, an extractor fan and a tumble dryer at the same time, I experienced both MCB and RCD tripping. There was no prob for me to push MCD and...
  4. happydays129

    underfloor heating flow meter

    I noticed that one of the underfloor heating flow meter red indicators (see pic attached) constantly points to (nearly) 3 L/min (see the picture attached), even when heating not in use; Other indicators will move back to zero when not being heated. I am a bit concerned. Is it shown some leaking...
  5. happydays129

    megaflo cylinder water dripping through tundish

    Hi everyone, I have my megaflo unvented water cylinder installed a year ago. Now i noticed when heating, water dripping through tundish. I have contacted engineers and the scheduled visit is 2 weeks later (Crying). I am wondering is it safe still to use water cylinder while water dripping...