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    VELUX is leaking - any ideas what to try first?

    I purchased 2 GGL SO6's and fitted them at the end of November 07. They have been brilliant and had no problems with fitting them or use. However in the last hour, one has started to leak near the top left hand corner joint from the actual wooden frame. Just wondered if you had any...
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    Can you paint straight onto plasterboard?

    OK, so the plasterboard I just paint on and the joint cement that is sanded down I will just water down some matt paint to slap on that. Seems a bit of a carry on - would it do any harm if I just covered the whole lot in matt emulsion? Also, my hubby is putting up coving he got from B&Q -...
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    Can you paint straight onto plasterboard?

    Hi there My husband is almost finished our extension and has put plasterboard with joint tape up all over. Can this grey stuff just be painted with Matt emulsion or do we need to treat/prime it with something first? If so, going to B&Q tomorrow so can get whatever I need then. Please...