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    worcester 24si ll gas pressure?

    hi im working on a worcester 24sii ll non condensing combi boiler...the water is coming out luke warm and the more i open the tap the colder it gets..i suspect that the gas pressure is low i checked the working pressure at the meter and thats ok 21 bar....but when i check the inlet pressure at...
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    blockage in heating pipe

    i have a heating system on a conventional boiler and most of the rads are working fine....but 2 are not....ive descovered there is a blockage maybe sludge or something in the affected area....but my problem is how do i clear it? the pipes are under a concrete floor so was looking at flushing...
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    mira sport electric shower

    i have a mira sport 9kw shower....i turned it on one day on the high setting and it kept tripping the have only been using it on medium where its i cleaned the inlet filter and put it back together ...but the problem is the pressure is heats the water but the...
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    expansion chamber size?

    im installing an unvented heating system but am unsure of the size of the expansion chamber on the heating side i should there a simple system of working this out? i know i have got to work out the total pipe length & size & the size of the radiators etc...but if someone could tell me...
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    ideal hot water...

    have a problem with an ideal he24 combi boiler....when set in hot water mode & the heating is off...the hot water can be drawn throuth the tap fine.....but when you have the c/h on & you require hot water all you are getting is cold water...could this be that the diverter valve is not...
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    glow worm 24ci

    a friend has a glow worm 24ci non condensing boiler....when he tries to fire it up it flashes F 13....which looking on the fault list says main board fault!!! does this mean a new pcb???
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    fitting underfloor heating to a y plan system

    i have a conventional boiler on a y plan system but want to put underfloor heating in my conservatory...the underfloor system has its own pump bar system but my question is where do i fit the flow to the underfloor heating system do i t off after the pump & before the three port valve...then...
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    valiant combi boiler

    can anyone help me....have a friend who has a valiant combi boiler which has only been in a couple weeks she has no hot water or heating!!! the pressure is up to 1 bar so thats not the problem....just wondered if there were some obvious checks that could be made...thanks..
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    can a non condensing boiler be moved?

    can a non condensing boiler be moved from the garage into the house? or once a non condensing boiler is taken out does it have to be replaced with a condensing boiler?
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    firebird combi heating /hot water..

    i have a firebird combi 90 oil fired boiler.....when i turn on the tap for hot water all im getting is luke warm water also when i select the heating to go on nothing happens....but if i leave the heating on i may find that it pumps hot water speradically for about 10 mins then thats it!!...the...
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    oil fired firebird combi

    i am getting no hot water or heating...the boiler fires up until it reaches temp but then nothing...ive checked the boiler & the central heating pump dosnt seem to be working....ive replaced this and its still not pumping....the pressure gauge is reading 1 bar so no pressure loss...has anyone...
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    firebird olympic oil fired combi

    my boiler fires up ok but i cant get any heating or hot water.....when i try the hot water i get hot water for a few seconds then it goes cold...would this happen if the pump has gone? can anyone help?
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    firebird olympic oil fired combi heating

    i have a firebird oil fired combi boiler & when i try to turn the heating on nothing happens...the hot water is fires ok when i call for hot water...its just the heating...ive tested the pump & thats ok...but when i select the heating the pumps not kicking in??? can anyone help me...
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    boiler faultfinding

    my friend has a glow worm xtrafast 65 boiler about 8 years old ( not condensing) it was drained down to move some pipework... now when filling up the boiler reads "20 ff" which when reading through the fault finding page says "communication error" can anyone help with this please..
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    gloworm compact...heating not working!

    a friend of mine has a gloworm compact & when you put it on to the heating setting it does not fire up! he does not have a room stat & it has a manual timer...the timer does not seem to turn when setting the time & when you set it to overide the timer function to have constant heating nothing...
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    boiler wont fire up

    my brother has a gloworm boiler which now for some reason wont fire up....when you turn the room stat up & turn the boiler on to fire up nothing happens.....the fan dosnt seem to kick in...the red and clear pipes to the microswitch look fine .....when you do turn it on the fan twitches a little...