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    Overflow from Feed and Expansion Tank

    I seem to have a problem, or combination of problems, with my central heating / hot water system. It is a fairly conventional pumped system, oil-fired boiler, pump, two 2-way valves, HW cylinder, radiators, F&E tank in loft (base same level as cold water tank, so F&E water level well below cold...
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    Plaster stains on oak door

    The guys doing the plastering managed to get some render and plaster on my nice oak door. They had agreed to protect the door, but I guess they forgot. The door is fairly new, and had been waxed, not stained, painted, varnished, etc. It cost me about £150 a year or 2 ago. Now there are...
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    LPG connection questions

    I will be having my LPG cooker installed in a couple of weeks, by a CORGI company of course. The gas pipe needs to run round 3 walls, then across the floor about 700mm. (Her ladyship wants the new cooker where the wall between kitchen and dining room was before we knocked through.) There is no...