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    Timing chain or cam belt

    I am buying a Skoda Roomster 1.4 16v year 2009. i am buying it abroad in Greece. They are telling me its a timing chain but im not sure. can anyone advise.
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    Moth eggs or not ?

    last spring i had to move a piece of furniture and discovered hundreds of some sort of eggs ! they look exactly like pieces of basmati rice. further inspection showed that they were also spread all along the skirting board. i vacuumed them up as thourghly as i could, but 6 months on i am still...
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    Cabbage plants eaten.

    Hi everyone, i recently planted my cabbage plants out and something is eating them. the leafs are being stripped. put plenty of slug bait down but no sign of any dead slugs or snails. no fly on the leafs. Any ideas.
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    earth bonding

    i recently replaced my s s kitchen sink. the old one had an earth bonding tag and was bonded to hot and cold pipes. the new one had no tag. how important is it to earth bond it ?
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    Volvo D5 S60 Smoking

    kicking out black smoke on heavy excelleration. Not burning any oil. The car is 2002 and has 160k miles. it is used in a mix of short runs and motorway journeys. Any ideas
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    current running thru handheld shower

    this is out in greece. I was taking a shower and could feel a mild currant running thru the chrome handset. the current seemed to be carried thru the water as no current when water not flowing. current was there when the water covered you and hit the floor. on one occasion the current was to...
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    current running thru handheld shower

    this is in Greece. Taking a shower and a current could be felt whilst holding the handset. one particular day the current was too strong to hold the handset, other days just mild tingling and sometimes not apparant at all. the water was heated by C H boiler although there is an element fitted...
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    can i lock onto Astra satalite in greece

    Is it possible to lock on to Astra or any other satalite that will give me uk tv in Greece south east of Athens. Also will an LCD tv purchased in England receive greek analogue transmissions or will there be PAL v SEPAL issues.
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    reversing lights

    Volvo s60 D5 02 plate. dodgy reversing light switch. have to hold gear lever to keep them on. how easy is it to get to ?
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    Receiving uk satalite in Greece

    Can anyone give me advice on this, such as what receiver i should use and what dish etc. for example could i receive freesat. the location in Greece is 35 miles south east of Athens on the coast.
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    Radiator problem

    Radiator hot at top cold at bottom. Whats the solution?
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    Tiling over Tiles

    Hi There. I am just about to tile over some tiles that have peen painted with tile paint. Should i seel with unibond first or are there any other issues i shuold considder ?
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    Volvo Service light

    Had my Volvo 2002 S60 D5 serviced by a competant Mech but he couldnt get the Service message to reset after following the set procedure. Now each time i turn on the ignition i still get the message Time for regular service. Any ideas anyone ?
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    Daewoo Lanos head gasket

    white emulsion in rocker cover suggesting head gasket failure. car is year 2000 1.4 model. pressure test didnt show drop in pressure but having to top up water about 1/2 pint every 2 weeks. any ideas!!!
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    Peace Lily

    I have a peace lily its about 14 years old. recently i repotted it halfing it in the process and using a degree of new compost that i enriched with bone meal. when i halfed it the compost was very wet so i must have been overwatering. now i am careful not to overwater, but i have problems with...
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    Suprima 50 pcb replacement Completed but !!!

    Once again a big thanks to everyone who gave me tips on the job. Ollski great tip not to remove the fan. The instructions tell you to remove it but the kit doesnt have a replacement gasket. Just a couple of things : when i disconnected the themistor it came out of the fitting and appears to...
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    A big thanks from dames.

    A big thanks to everyone who gave me some very helpful advice on replacement PCB for my suprima 50. Tell me is the new deign PCB as bad as raden says it is? Just one thing boys try to stop the sniping at eachother cos it detracts from the great job you are doing. Changing the board on...
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    Suprima 50 pcb replacement

    I will attempt to replace my P C B at the weekend. Can any of you techi's out there tell me any usefull tips and anything to be careull not to do. Many thanks
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    Suprima 50 pcb replacement

    I am going to attempt to replace the PCB at the weekend on the suprima 50. Any hints or tips about any pitfalls do's or donts to make it easy. Many thanks