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    Small roof window

    I want to fit a roof window over our stairs to let a little more light in. I would much prefer a top hung window so that when it is open you are not looking at the edge of the open window from the landing. I cannot find any roof windows that are top hung which are less than 98cm deep. Does...
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    Temporary purlin support.

    I'm converting a roof space into a room, PP acquired. Building inspector on board. In order to get the maximum head height I'm planning on dropping the floor as room below can afford to lose a few inches in ceiling height. In the roof space there is a purlin (see picture) spanning 3m approx...
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    Post and beam fixing

    I'm removing a wall and replacing with an oak post and beam. First floor, directly supporting half a dozen rafters. Post and beam sizes checked by SE. His advice for fixing the bottom of the post was to take down a couple of courses of brickwork (rat trap bond, internal wall that was external in...
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    Oak post and beam joint.

    I'm replacing an internal, load bearing wall with a green oak post and beam, all specified and checked by SE. Building inspector is happy. Post 150x150mm, beam 100x200mm. (100 wide by 200 high just to clarify) One end of beam into wall, other end onto the post, so joined at the corner. I was...
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    Dormer construction questions.

    I have planning permission to add 2 dormers (rendered, timber construction) to the front of my property in order to create 2 extra rooms upstairs, a Bathroom and Ensuite. The picture shows a cross section of the house. Black existing, red dormer. All walls A, B & C are 9" brick. In the dim...
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    Pent roof slope direction

    planning a shed/workshop/garden room build and have decided on a pent roof for ease of construction and it would match other outbuildings. I've hunted the web high and low for an answer to a simple (I think) question. Is there any reason not to have it slope downwards towards the front of the...
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    Paint plastic oil tank?

    Can you paint a domestic, green plastic oil storage tank? It's the usual dark green colour and has a pale wall behind it. Screening is not an easy option as due to space restrictions a screen would be very close and not in keeping with current regs. Someone said to me "Why not paint it the same...
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    More lintel advice

    Okay I have the specs from the SE on lintels for my enlarged (1.6m) door opening. He's given me a choice of CN5XA catnic or 2x c24 44x122 timbers bolted together. Both options will need a wall plate on top for rafters to sit on. Is either option the preferred choice easier to source...
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    Bodging tradesmen!!!!

    Just been pulling down the ceiling covering in our utility ready for the arrival of some celotex to insulate it. Single story, lean-to extension. In one corner is the boiler on the wall, it was fitted 10+ years ago by a corgi registered company, who everywhere else, apart from a few messy...
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    Lintel advice

    I want to widen an internal doorway. 1/2 brick wall, taking rafters 4x2, 14" spacing, 18 degree pitch approx, double roman clay tiles. This wall is approx halfway along the slope of the rafters, 13ft total span. Door way to go to 1.6m, and raise to directly under lintel which I hope to place...
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    Velux install question? Help !!!

    Okay so I'm in the process of fitting a velux. Now measuring to get no silly thin tiles either side is okay, but I'm confused by the up and down positioning. I have read in numerous places that you should not cut the row of tiles above the window, but if I measure up from the bottom tile row...
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    Extra stuff needed for velux install.

    Okay having decided on a velux for my lean-to roof, and having chosen type, size and flashing kit suitable for my tiles, I'm wondering what else I might need for install time to save a desparate trip to try and find stuff over a bank holiday weekend. I know I'll need timber for framing and...
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    Pendant lights in kitchen

    I've looked all over but not found a definitive answer to this. Are normal pendant lights allowed in a kitchen?
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    Velux alternatives for glazed roof.

    I would like to block up a rather useless window (a shed 2ft from it) in the wall of a lean-to utility room, and replace with some form of roof light. I dont necessarily require it to be opening and am not keen on the "sticky uppy" look of velux windows. :shock: :lol: I did see whilst out...
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    Building regs for raising lintel.

    I have a door from the kitchen to a utility room, both original to the house (c1900), through a single skin brick wall. Both rooms are in a single storey extension, with a sloping tiled roof. The rafters rest on this intermediate wall. At sometime in the 60s the floor of the kitchen was raised...
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    A conservatory ... sort of.

    Hi First post (although I have gleaned loads of useful info from loitering in the background) hopefully in the right place. I live in a terraced house, with a single story extension to the rear original to the house, covering half the width of the house. Neighbours property is the same only...