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    Macerator discharge

    I'm remodelling the downstairs layout of my house. This includes knocking through a utility room to form a bigger kitchen diner and relocating the utility room. I intend to add a toilet with a macerator in the utility room. In terms of discharge from the macerator I guess it would be...
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    Cavity Wall Insulation Bridging DPC?

    Just had a British Gas Energy Survey done and they reckon cavity wall insulation wouldn't be a good idea as there is not enough clearance between ground level and our damp proof course. We could get rising damp in the walls due to bridging of the damp proof course. What I am unsure of is how...
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    Potterton 24 not heating hot water

    I have a Potterton 24 boiler that is not heating water. The microswitch assembly is working correctly as something whirs into life when the hot water tap is opened. However the burner light doesn't come on and neither does the Flame Failure light. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.