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    How to cut a slate bed from a pool table

    Hiya, I've just got my hands on a big slab of slate that used to be the bed of a pool table. It's about 4'x3' and crucially about 30mm thick. I want to cut it to size for two hearth stones. Could anyone offer any advice regarding cutting it? Cheers, Iain
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    Engineered boards over quarry tiles - good or bad idea?

    Hiya, As the title suggests I've got a room with old quarry tiles on ash. They are nice and level and very stable so I that respect perfect for laying a floating floor over them. The issue I have is damp. The tiles used to be covered by a cheap foam backed carpet (before I bought the...
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    2m x 12m freestanding boundary wall

    Hi, I need to replace a wobbly old wall and was wondering if anyone could help me out. The wall needs to be 2m high and about 12m long. I'll be having it rendered so I thought about using blocks laid flat. Would I need high or medium density blocks? Also what sort of depth / width would the...