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    AEG u7101-5 main oven not getting hot enough with fan

    Hi When using one of the fan settings, the main (lower) oven gets hot but doesn't appear to get right up to the hot temperatures. The fan comes on and the oven heats up. Based on the indicator light, it gets up to 180, but no hotter than that, even if I select say 220. If I use a non-fan...
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    noisy mains water pipe when toilet flushed

    Hi I live in a flat in a converted house. Im on the first floor and there's a flat below me and one above me. We all share the water supply coming off the mains - a pipe comes up through each of the flats and the supply to the individual flats branch off that. When the upstairs flat flush...
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    Lighting - mixing 12v and 240v?

    Hi I live in a converted victorian house, with 3 flats. There is a communal hallway with three floors and each floor has a light, currently just standard pendants. There are also 3 push switches that turn the lights on for a specific time - one on each of the floors. Each switch will turn on...
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    Painting over metallic effects

    Hi Im redecorating my bathroom and the walls have a metallic gold paint effect on them. Is there something I can do to essentially seal this effect in so that it doesn't come through with time (it had also been done in another room and six months after redecorating that, it has come through)...