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    Clearing all network log-ins

    Hi Just acquired PC from work which was set up on Windows 2000 network. Does anyone know how I can clear all users and log-ins that where required on the company intranet and make it a stand alone PC with no log-on or admin rights. Cheers
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    Intel® PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection

    Hi Can anyone please tell me if they have had a problem with Intel® PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection grabbing the processor and reducing the system to a standstill and if so, was it cured from the Intel site download to V11? Cheers :roll:
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    Wet timbers

    Hi I was in my loft finishing some plaster boarding when I noticed a nail on the ridge board (the big piece of wood that runs the length of the roof at its highest point I think) was rusty and on closer inspection I found the ridge board to be 85% saturated (got a gadget). The wood that is wet...
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    Talk talk wireless router

    Hi I have just ordered broadband with wireless router from talk talk. When I asked which router it would be, all they said was it was their own make and couldn't say if the security/encryption was WEP or WPA. Does anyone have such a router and is it ok for security. Cheers :?:
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    Omnicron 7000

    Here's the problem I'm still having. Occasionally I will go to set/unset the alarm and the whole thing will freeze with all lights on and the only way to re-activate it is to pull the fuse on the cu. I'm beginning to think its the bellbox somehow losing comms with the control panel. I don't...
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    Burnt neutral terminal

    Hi Can anyone please advise as to the possible cause of a badly burnt neutral terminal on a double pole double socket. The socket has been working fine for the past 5 years but when I took it off to do some grout restoration I noticed the terminal has melted. Could it be due to arching (not...
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    Alarm losing the plot

    Hi Can anyone tell me if an alarm system can be affected by static? I have an Omnicron 7000 and within the last 6 months it has been going off and losing all programming whenever you are about to activate or de-activate it. It doesn't happen all the time but becoming more regular. Any...
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    Changing alarm panel and keeping existing wiring in place

    Hi Can anyone tell me if it is ok to install a new alarm panal and use the existing PIRs and contacts along with the the existing wiring. Cheers:roll:
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    Worcester 24i fan

    Hi Could someone please tell me how to correct a problem with the fan on my Worcester 24i combi. The fan comes on when the boiler is activated (normal) and after a certain period would switch off again (normal) Now though, it will not switch off, I have to switch the power supply off the kill...
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    Omnicron 7000 battery

    Hi Can anyone please tell me where I can purchase a new back up battery for an Omnicron 7000 alarm control box. Thanks :roll:
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    WPB Water/weather proof ply

    Hi Can anyone tell me if you need to protect WPB plywood from the elements or does it do exactly what it says on the tin..... Water/weather proof? Cheers :roll:
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    Part P and terminolgy

    Hi Just checking what can and can't do within regs and could someone please explain the term 'modifying a final circuit in a kitchen (ie sockets etc)' What is a final circuit please? And does this stop me (competent but not certified) from adding a spur out through the back of the kitchen ring...
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    Filler to cover hole in bath

    Hi :oops: I have a hole in the white plastic coating on my bath (dropped a screwdriver on it ) :shock: It has not gone all the way through but has taken a chunk of plastic off. I don't want to replace it as it is only 6 month old, I was wondering if anyone knew of a filler I could use to...
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    Old switch and adding sockets to ring main

    Hi Wondered if someone could help.......? First problem I have, is an old switch which was used to turn on the hot water cylinder on the old heating system, which has now gone. I want to remove this switch and tile over the whole, but the problem being its still live. It has 2 wires in...
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    Removing a toilet and sealing soil shute

    Hi I can't find a post on this anywhere, therefore could someone please explain how I would seal a soil shute which is concreted into to floor of a ground floor toilet. All I want to acheive is remove the toilet and put a washing machine in the space. Do I need to inform BCO on toilet removal...
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    [b]Rainwater removal[/b]

    :?: Hi Can anyone tell me the legality of removing rainwater from neighbouring premises. Why ? Next door neighbour had a cowboy (flashband kid) build a 'sort of' conservatory in his back yard and he put up a gutter to run the rainwater away from the existing kitchen roof (which used to drop...
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    Wire Colour

    Hi I have just lengthened the live and neutral wires to a ceiling rose and noticed that the blue wire I used was slightly darker in colour to the one I replaced. Can someone please tell me if the rating will be the same, will it be ok for the job, or should I replace with like for like...
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    Earthing and bonding

    Hi Having read hundreds of posts on bonding and earthing can someone just tell me if I have grasped this one....................! Nearing the end of new bathroom installation and got to thinking, none of these pipes have any earth wires on them? Therefore should I 1. Run a 6mm...
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    Bath frame procedure

    Hi Can anyone help me with this? I have a bath and frame/legs and can't figure out in which order to install the bath. The materials for the bath frame consist of the following:- 2 steel rods which attach to the bottom of the bath 4 feet which screw to the floor 4 steel threaded bars...
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    Multiqwick soil pipe

    Hi Can anyone please tell me if straight soil pipes are universal as I installed a new toilet and I have a slight leak on the pan joint. I have been reading the threads and i see a mention of 14 degrees what that? Please help I've had no toilet for 3 days