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    Hotpoint Ultima washer does not spin

    The model number is RPD 9467 J. The program starts normally, except the drum does not rotate at all. After 10 minutes or so it shows F.01 The PCB was replaced recently through Hotpoint service. The lock indicator is showing up, so it's not a lock issue. The belt is fine I checked. The motor...
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    Closing up chimney area

    Hello, I opened up the area which was originally a chimney then a cupboard in my room. It was part cemented part suspended ply, I want to reclaim the floor area. How do I close that so we can use it safely? The house was built end of 19th century. At the far end there is timber fixed to the...
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    Windows work / what to look out for

    Hello, A windows company is coming around for full windows replacement (not slip-ins). What should I be looking out for when they work? Some windows have sash boxes. Another is being extended full height. I requested wood boxing instead of PVC. Thanks!
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    Humid rockwool under the roof slant

    I removed insulating wool that was between rafters for a few days. The upper side of the wool became wet, specially on the low end and closer to the window. There seems to be condensation along the membrane. Is that normal? Will it damage the rafters?
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    Lamp bulbs are blowing up...

    ... and there were electrics works recently. This started a couple of days ago. The electrician came to install four new double sockets in a new bedroom. He used the cable going to the boiler. He added a junction box, and pulled two cables from there. One connects to two double sockets linked...
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    Flush sliding door: a search for the perfect track

    I would like to install a sliding door for a bathroom project. My requirement is that the door I practically invisible when closed, so it should be flush with the wall on the outside. I am aware of concealed sliding doors but they are invisible when open, not when closed. The solution is...
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    Taking down kitchen wall, flooring question

    Hello, We have taken down the wall between the lounge and the kitchen. There is now a RSJ beam to support the floor above. What are the requirements for fire safety? We need to plaster the beam and the kitchen ceiling with fire retardant boards. We need to install mains powered fire alarms in...
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    Vinyl tiles and dirt

    Hello, I found a luxury vinyl tile which I really like. It is from Higena and it is reasonably priced. I would like to use it in the kitchen, but I am concerned about dirt. The tiles have a texture to them - I suppose it is to make them less slippery or maybe for looks - and the non-smooth...
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    Vinyl tiles and dirt (wrong forum)

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