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    Tile bathroom, what would you do it?

    Hi all, I'm about to start on the bathroom, plan is to rip it all out (bath, toilet and sink) then take the plasterboard walls down as they old and crap, re-board walls, fit new bath etc, then tile all walls + floor, ceiling will be over-boarded and skimmed unless I'm advised against that...
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    door frame plane?

    Wasn't sure if to post this in the carpentry section.. I've plasterboard a wall, but one side of the door frame is flush with the plasterboard.. the over side the door frame sticks out.. I guess a pro plasterer could skim to suit but I prefer it all to be flush as I'm an amateur and little...
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    Drywall scews? drill bit? impact driver!?

    Bit pee'd off as my £250 mak drill struggles to screw into timber. Also, the Easydrive Phosphate heads keep snapping off. Should I invest in a impact driver? Also, can anybody recommend some better screws and a drill bit? Thanks
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    Ceiling reboarding

    Before boarding over, do you guys stick a few screws in the old ceiling just incase? Also, where do you start? I've done 2 ceilings now but wondered which method is best used in regards to where to start boarding from, center? etc Thank you
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    Plastering help - Dip in wall? *pics*

    Hi all, hope you can help me here.. I've removed a door and frame and put in a bit of extra stud to hold the plasterboard. Now, where the new board is it's kind of dipped in a bit. I'll be plastering the entire wall, also re boarding and plastering the ceiling. What is the best method...
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    Custom sliding door wardrobe

    I'd like to make a custom sliding door wardrobe on the next bedroom I do. I'd like to make it the width of the room (I'll be plastering the entire room too) Is it just a matter of buying runners and doors to fit then making up the internal shelves? or if there more to it? Any tips...
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    Bedroom window flush to wall?

    I've noticed some windows have no architrave at all and are just flush with the wall. I'll be plastering the rooms so will have the opportunity to do this, is there a method to it? it does look smart. I'm assuming you get rid of the arch, then plasterboard around the ledge and skim with the...
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    Hide space above stairs.. PICS

    Hi all, hope this is the right section.. was going to put it into plastering but I guess it's building in a sense. Above the stairs is a huge open ugly space which I want to get rid of, the house next door had this done as can be seen in pictures. I'd like to have a go myself, how would you...
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    Mitre saw for skirting?

    Hi all, can anybody recommend a mitre saw for skirting and architrave please? I'm very new to saws so not sure exactly what would be required, this is the one that's caught my eye: Any advice welcome, Thanks...
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    What would you do here?

    Hello all, very interested on hearing what you guys would do here.. I'm renovating the whole house (trying at least) I'm now onto room 2! (a Pro probably would have done the entire house in the time it took me to do the first room :mrgreen: but I'm enjoying it) OK.. I've decided to...
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    Plastering over plaster..

    My first wall was a terrible attempt. I'd like to skim over it using PVA. Any tips here as last time I tried this even after PVA the new skim was drying so fast... Many thanks
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    Mixing plaster problems

    Hi all I purchased a Makita paddle mixer and mix up the plaster in those big yellow rubber buckets. But there is always tiny bits of the bucket in the mix, it's like the mixer is chopping the bucket up. Is this an issue with the mixer, or my mixing? should I just use a harder bucket or buy...
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    Which drill?

    I have a feeling this is an annoying question :oops: I'm really struggling to decide on a drill, combi? driver? impact? I'll mainly be plaster boarding to wood, putting up shelves, doors etc.. Huge thanks in advance
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    Ceiling boards showing - with picture - advice please

    Hello all, The house is approx 30 years old, terraced ex council. Every room in the house has the same style ceiling, and you can see slight lines in some parts where the boards are. I don't think the joints were taped, also the paint/artex is very thin. Will scraping the ceiling...
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    Bedroom window frame

    Hi all, I'm new here and also new to DIY in general I'm about to re-board the wall in the picture, I've noticed around the window frame there is gaps (you can see out to the street from the bedroom) also the wood at the bottom is a little damp. I'm thinking to treat the wood and...