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    Data Cables with Power Cables

    Is it ok to install an RJ45 socket and a 13A socket in opposite sides of a dual galvanised box? Does the galv box provide sufficient separation? What distance does the Cat5e and 2.5 T&E need to be when run down the wall?
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    Feeding Detached Garage

    It is ok to feed a garage from 2.5mm T&E on 20A MCB which is run in conduit to detached garage 4M away with conduit along fence. Then terminate into old type fuseboard with 5A & 15A circuits for sockets and light? Does it need seperate earth? Or is earth on T&E ok?
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    PAT Water Damaged Appliances

    If a garage has flooded and the drills etc have been exposed to water, the drill not designed for exposure to water ie no suitable IP rating for this, then would this not fail an inspection before testing on a PAT test? If the items have been exposed to the water would i be right in saying they...
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    Commercial Sockets

    I'm a Domestic Spark so would appreciate a little advice from a commercial spark out there... If adding x2 extra sockets in a office kitchen, do these sockets need RCD protection? What if they are labelled for kitchen appliances only? If putting existing circuit on RCBO wouldnt this create...
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    LED Bulbs Flickering

    Just installed some 4W LED lamps into spotlight fitting - when turned off they are flickering! I've checked polarity and it seems fine. Only other thing i can think of is it has a timeguard timer switch with photocell operating it - would this have something to do with it? If so how can i...
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    Protecting meter tails

    Are meter tails meant to be protected by RCD if buried beneath plaster? Meter tails need to be run from outside meter housing to CU in utility but utility will be plastering, buring tails - so if they are not RCd protected its against regs aint it? But if protect with RCD will have against regs...
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    Smoke Alarms

    Two Interlinked Smoke alarms are showing 24v between interlink connection and earth or neutral. They are sounding with no apparant cause - could this 24v on interlink wiring be causes it? The 24v is present on wiring even with smokes not connected
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    Pool for Dogs

    Is they any special requirements in an electrical installation where there is a pool for animals? ie No sockets within 2m Is there any special requirements for the installation, ie lower RCD, as the animals have lower body resistances? cheers
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    Emergency Lighting

    Does Emergency Light require a key switch to operate to facilitate testing them? Does regs require them? Factory Unit got loads of emergency lights in, but no keyswitches to test them, apart from turning MCBs off
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    Lux Levels

    Can any1 point me in direction of lux calc program (Free) Got x4 4ft 36w tubes per fitting and x9 fittings in room measuring 12m x 8m x 2.4m with 5x4mx2.4m area excluded for toilet. Lux level needs to be 600
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    Cooker Switch Position

    On a PIR would it be cat 2 for Cooker Switch being directly above cooker?
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    Earth Clamp on SWA

    Is it acceptable to have an earth clamp on the steel of the SWA to 'Earth' The SWA? Seen it a few time now when people cant get it into a glanded metal box
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    Identify MCB

    Can anyone tell me what make MCB is, its has black circle with maroon triangle, no writing to identify it!
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    Service Block

    Should service connector blocks be fed from above or below?