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    External destratification pump

    Hi Guys, This may be a non starter but it was an idea that popped into my mind so thought I'd ask the knowledegable pople on here! I have a unvented hot water cylinder heated primarily by gas boiler but it also has an electric immersion heater. I also have solar PV panels and plenty of spare...
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    Vaillant Ecotec plus 612 system boiler problem

    Hi, I have the above boiler, was commissioned by gas safe engineer just over 5 years ago and has been faultless since until now I have a hive system controlling heating (usual radiators) and hot water and a unvented HW cylinder. All wired up on S plan I believe - separate valves for CH & HW...
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    Paving slabs laid dot and dab on soil

    Hi, Just wanted to gauge opinion here before taking legal action. I commisisoned a company to prepare a shed base recently, 18ft x 14ft which was done with 2x2 slabs. The area was fairly flat to start with and they did some raking to level it off. Then, with no other preparation, the slabs were...
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    Boiler left unsafe and leaking fumes after service?

    Hi, I'm just at my partner's (rented) house and was looking to install a Hive system but noticed what looks like an uncapped hole in the flue on her combi boiler (I deal Logic ESP1 35). I can feel air movement, including warm air when the boiler is running and taking a photo looks like it's open...
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    Unvented cylinder installation - plumber's certification

    Hi, I'm due to have an unvented cyclinder fitted shortly but on checking the plumber's gas safe register page it shows only vented not unvented cylinders as certified. Does this mean he's not certified or is there somewhere else that the certification could be held? Nothing else about the...
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    Grohe Wireless Shower - Service 30 - pumped 36022

    Hi Guys, Pretty much as the title says really! When shower is powered up it goes through the usual 45 seconds or so ritual of making a few noises while 'wait' is displayed on the remote, then it goes to 'service 30' and won't do anything more. I've gone into the service menu and done the 'inlet...