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    Mount CCTV cameras

    Hi I am in the process of installing some Reolink cameras, RLC20. These cameras have POE and a bundle of connectors outside the camera. What is the mounting way of mounting them under a white soffit? The Reolink Junction Box D20 is very big and makes the installation uglier. Would a...
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    Tectite Fittings

    Hi I am considering using these. I will be connecting 1/2 inch pipe to 15mm (both copper). Will they connect ok, or do I need a 1/2 to 15mm adapter? Thanks for reading.
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    Part Set

    Hi We have a Texecom Premier Elite 24. When I enter Wintex how do I add a zone into the 'Part Set' category? Many thanks
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    1 Pipe Heating Sytem

    One Pipe CH System Our home has a one-pipe system and I know the best thing to do is to change it to a 2 pipe system. At this time it's just not possible. It would be possible to alter the pipes so there is a one-pipe circuit heating the upstairs and another one heating the downing stairs...
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    Call Out Charge

    I fitted a Premier Elite Panel in a previous house. When we moved we brought it with us and had it professionally installed. We now have a problem with the SmartCom which was supplied and installed in June 2019. Shortly after installation Texecom issued a firmware upgrade. The installer...
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    G4 Acenta

    Hi We are looking a buying a property with a G4 Acenta installed with wireless detectors. Will it be possible to connect a 3G dialler to this unit? Thanks
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    Moving House

    Hi We are moving house and taking the alarm with us. The bell is a Texecom Premier Odyssey 2E - Complete (FCB-0001). What is the best way to disconnect and remove this without it sounding? Thanks everyone.
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    Texecom Prem Elite Engineer App

    Hi I am trying to configure this for first time use. The manual says you need to configure • User Code • User ID Am I correct the UDL stands for Upload Download? The user id and user code can be any user? Thanks
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    Ricochet Monitor

    I have Wintex connecting to the Premier Elite 24 wireless via com ip. It works well. If I launch Ricochet monitor from Wintex only the panel is showing, no sensors. If I launch Ricochet Monitor by itself and use the same settings as Wintex ie and port 10001, it tells me to...
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    Texecom Sounder

    I have Texecom external sounder. I would like the flashing light to be brighter to act as a deterrent. I am thinking of fitting it the box a flashing led and battery pack (similar to those found in dummy boxes). Is there any reason I shouldnt do this? If I log on as engineer, can I...
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    ats path fault

    Hi I have just opened to panel to put the panel into learn ricochet mode, by inserting the jumper. I now have 'ats path fault' showing in Wintex and when I try to set the alarm the 'ats path fault' is preventing the arming. A search of the manuals does not find 'ats path fault'...
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    Just received my unit. Can the board be installed inside the Elite 24 panel or should it be in its own enclosure? Thanks
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    In a two storey property; On the ground floor I have perimeter protection. All windows have sensors and the main door is set as an 'entry exit'. Also in the ground floor area there are PIR's. So if I set all the window and door sensors as area B. All other sensors are zone A. The...
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    'You need a user to enable access'

    I have user which I have setup, but when he enters his access code the message 'You need a user to enable access' comes up. What have I done wrong
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    Remote Keypad

    I have one Premier LCDP keypad fitted with my Premier Elite 24W. I believe that I can add two extra zones to my system but using the two provided by the key pad. I am unable to find in the manuals where this is configured. Please can someone help me?
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    Sorry about this really silly question, what does UDL stand for in the texecom documents?
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    Premier Elite Impaq Contact-W

    I am installing one of the above and want to use the 3 additional inputs labelled MAG 1 COM MAG 2. As the wire will be approaching the unit from the top, I can make a neater job by fixing it with the MAG 1 COM MAG 2 inputs at the top, which would appear to make it look upside down. Does...