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    Baxi 105 tips needed. Please.

    Hi folks. I'm after some advice if possible. My baxi 105e seems to have a sticking diverter valve. C/h flow pipe is getting hot when running DHW. I've ordered the kit to refurb the valve and know I have to drain the boiler before I remove said valve..... I also know I will have to isolate the...
  2. J

    Order of connection to rising main

    Hi all Considering replacing my lead service pipe which runs from street stoptap down side of house underground and enters up through kitchen floor under the sink at the rear of house where it splits after the stop cock to the kitchen tap nearest and up the wall into the bathroom upstairs...
  3. J

    Worktop quandry

    Hi. I've posted this on another forum so you may have seen this elsewhere but I've always got good advice from here so posting in both. I have fitted a U shaped kitchen with a return on one side of the open end (so more 90% of a rectangle really). I intend to fit 40mm square edged beech...
  4. J

    Rising damp fun

    Hi all. I've got a 20 year old garage with a concrete base that can't have a Dpm as the floor inside is damp. It's not flooded or running with water but the concrete has slightly damp areas that look darker and feel damp. I want to make it a usable garage to fix my car in over the wet months...
  5. J

    conservatory window

    Hi folks. I'm looking for advice and opinions please... I have a 3 sided conservatory built with dwarf walls, upper hardwood frame and polycarbonate roof. On the weather facing end (2.8m long) the timber that makes the internal frame has rotted away where the uprights and mullion cross...
  6. J

    BEKO condenser dryer tank full light

    Hi folks, Got a BEKO DRCS68 condenser dryer and the tank full light on and machine shuts down. emptied tank - still same problem. Cleaned heat exchanger, still the same. inside the back of the machine there is a reservior with a pump in and a polystyrene float. the condensation runs...
  7. J

    Woodstain conundrum

    Hi All, You've never failed me yet good people of the forums so here goes! Decorating hallway landing and stairs. 8 doors......Yay!!! The doors in question are an unidentified species of wood which has been stained a shade like mahogany by the looks. Its got a bit of a sheen so...
  8. J

    removable fencepost

    Hi Folks, I want to remove a concrete fencepost replace it with a 4x4 wooden one. I want to make the post removable so I can take it out and fit my caravan in my garden when need be. I was thinking if mounting a metpost in concrete so I could just lift the post out. Has anyone done...
  9. J

    baxi105e drip

    Morning all, I don't really intend to try and and recirfy this problem myself, (unless its a piece of cake - which these things rarely are) but I just want to know that I am being told the truth when I get someone in to sort this out for me..... Anyway - I have a baxi 105e which is...
  10. J

    worktop joints

    evening all. I am looking to create a rather long worktop run using 38mm thick, 600mm deep laminate worktop. Its going to be in excess of the maximum length this particular worktop comes in. My question is, how would you guys suggest I join the two lengths? A male/female scribed...
  11. J

    butane/propane in a butane torch

    Hi all, Anyone got an educated opinion in using a butane/propane mix cartridge in my blowtorch? It came with a butane only cannister and is now running out, but can only seem to find B/P mix readilly available. As an aside, any thoughts on using butane to solder copper pipes? I've...
  12. J

    polyplumb and compression fittings

    Hi everyone. I want to do a cold water run in 15mm polyplumb pipe, but am worried about the pushfit fittings coming apart. I intended to use copper compression fittings with copper olives. Anyone have any experience in this area? cheers
  13. J

    juniper tree stump.

    Hi all. Hope you are all well. I have just cut this eyesore juniper bush down in my front garden and now I have a stump sticking out of the ground about 10 ins high. The bush itself was about 4 feet in diameter I suppose. Does that give any indication to the extent of the root system...
  14. J

    Any VW Golf experts?

    Hi guys, just got a mk2 golf gti as a runaround and thought it best to change the cambelt before I go too many miles in it. The haynes manual section covers removal of the sprockets and cambelt in one go and therefore necessitates removal of the rocker cover. Anyone know if I need to...
  15. J

    rubbish picture

    As much as I love the world cup, is it just me or did it seem better when the picture was grainy, the sound was like they were commentating over the phone as opposed to picture and sound quality as good as if it were being played at old trafford? Or am I just being romantic? jim. :?
  16. J

    wrath of the mother in law.

    hi all, hopefully someone can help me to save me guessing and hoping for the best! I'm going to lay tile loc on the mother in laws kitchen floor, but first I have to raise half of it to equal the highest point which is existing ceramic tiles. I was going to use leveling compound to raise...
  17. J

    tiling different levels

    Hi all. I know I can trust you all to help me! I am goint to tile a whole kitchen floor. its about 4m by 3m give or take. It is half tiled and half carpeted. the tiles are ceramic glazed and stuck well down so i want to tile on top as its impossible to lift them. However, the problem...
  18. J

    biaisi combi cycling when timer off?

    Hi all. Firstly some info. 3 bed terraced house. Hard water area. Biasi m90f 32s gas combi boiler (i know they arent the best) installed oct 2004. 7 rads. honeywell main thermostat (just a turney one with bi-metallic strip) optima trv's on all but hallway (where termostat is) and bathroom...
  19. J

    2004 corsa brake pads

    Hi, just a quick q. My corsa has just had 2 year service (1.2 engine 16000 miles) the brake pads are worn 80% according to dealership so I said i'd buy the parts and give it a whirl myself. I'm not a complete novice and understand how these things work and am not bad machanically, but i...
  20. J

    dirty bodies

    this is probably the most stupid Q ever submitted here but................ would watering my grass with bathwater do it any harm? I spose all it would have in it would be a few squirts of radox and a bit of dirt off of me. I'm on a water meter see and the water board have just banned...