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    AG6 Sounder and Strobe - no comfort LED’s ???

    All wired in correctly and working as it should, LED’s activate when triggered but no comfort LED’s that are visible showing its live and working? (On my other building same spot stem also with an AEG6 the two red alternating LED’s flash intermittently) Any ideas as to why??
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    AG6 Sounder and Strobe QUERY

    I've just installed the AG6 sounder and strobe to my accenta G4 alarm panel. All is working as it should however the Red LED's that would normally flash when the system is live don't. On my other building with exactly the same alarm system and connections you can clearly see the 2 red led's...
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    Help with Accenta g4 roller door alarm contact install

    We have just had a roller door fitted and want to add it to our Accenta G4 alarm system. Photos below of contact wires and Card details showing various wiring options. Which of the 8 wires wires do I choose and where do I connect them on the panel? I fitted my alarm system with help from this...
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    Accenta G4 System will not set - help please

    Okay - after lots of help from here I finally got everything installed and thought I had it sorted - sadly no! I went to set the alarm for the first time today and it just wont set? I enter the code in the keypad and the display then changes to "program 1 set" , which according to the manual...
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    Help with Accenta G4

    Hi All I've just finished installing my Accenta G4 in my workshop. I have connected the siren box to the panel TR white V- Black ST Green V+ Red S Yellow and remote LCD panel to the panel 0v Black 13v Red Comms - White Sound Blue Tamp yellow Tamp Green I only have the PIR and door...