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    Toilet pan keeps filling

    Evening all, I hope I could get some help, I have a toilet that sometimes does not fill the tank and the water drains to the toilet pan (hope this makes sense). The entry fill valve was replaced a few days ago however it did the same thing, although it has not done it since I removed and...
  2. J

    Mould in bathrooms and external walls

    Hi all, Hope everyone is enjoying the heat! I have some black mould in the bathroom ceiling and in the external walls in the bedrooms I did notice that the windows don't have any trickle vents so I will install them. In the meantime, before I repaint can anyone recommend how to get rid of...
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    LPE1 Form

    Evening all, Can someone help me in regards to a LPE1 form please? I purchased a flat where in the form there was no mention of any major works, 3 years later I was hit with a bill of circa 40k, a section 20 was issued a year later and several others. I will consult with a solicitor but do...
  4. J

    Miele W 404 Plus Rinse Light Flashing

    Hi All, Hope you had a good Christmas! My lodgers have said the washing machine has stopped working, and the rinse light is flashing. The machine fills up, drains however it does not spin. Also, I had noticed the machine has been making a loud noise when spinning. I am away at the moment and...
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    Can I T-Cut this scuff?

    Hi all, While Leaving a car park earlier today I scraped my car against a pillar. I don’t think it’s badly damaged the noise it made I was expecting the damage to be worse. Do you think i can get away with using T Cut, or does it need a professional repair? If so what cost would I expect to...
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    Tumble dryer alternative lock.

    Hi all, I have a Miele tumble dryer and I have been running out of luck to find a replaceable lock so I have resorted to keeping weights in front of it while in use which works well however some of the lint escapes. I have had a genius idea of buying a child lock but that didn't seem to work…...
  7. J

    Regent Street Disease

    Hi all, I have recently been hit with a 40k service charge due to my building having Regent Street Disease, and the steel and stone need to be replaced. Has anyone found any alternatives to RSD and not replaced the steel and stone? I have researched Cathodic Protection and have notified my...
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    Heat Alarm in Hallway

    Hi all, Is it okay to place a heat alarm in the hallway and not a smoke alarm? The reason being the current smoke alarm is right outside the kitchen door and whenever I am cooking it is always going off. It is mains so would need to be in the same location. Thank you
  9. J

    Leaking waste pipe

    Hi all. I have noticed a leak in the bathroom recently. The issue is the joint is glued what is the best fix for this? I have attached some pictures. I think the leak is from the bend. Is it best to cut out and use a push fit fitting? Thanks all.
  10. J

    Reducing Oven size

    Hi all, I currently have a wide oven (90cm) than I want to reduce to a standard size (60cm) what is the best way of doing this? How can I fill up the gaps in between? I don't have any spare kitchen doors to fill the space either. Thank you :)
  11. J

    Hikvision DVR update

    Evening all, I have a hikvision cctv system currently all is well no issue 2 years old but I’ve just realised the software etc has not been updated since it’s been installed. Is it worth updating or shall I just let it be?
  12. J

    Smart doorbell

    Hi all hope you had a lovely few days! I currently have an cctv system but looking at a smart doorbell, are there any out there that automatically come up on the TV when the doorbell rings? I have a samsung tv if that helps. Thanks all
  13. J

    Thermostat difficult to turn

    hi all, i have been having some difficulty with the temperature on the shower recently from research I think it’s the cartridge. Does anyone know which one I need and how do I replace? Thank you all
  14. J

    Pyronix Enforcer bell box

    hi all, My bell box keeps going off every few minutes. I did try deleting the device but there is nothing to delete. I did try learning device but couldn’t do that either (maybe because I never pressed the button in the bell box?) Is the bell box faulty? It has been raining up in the midlands...
  15. J

    Undesirable 1100 WIB111

    *Indesit Hi All, My washing machine door is not opening. It’s been off for a few days. I have tried spinning cleaning the filter draining etc to no luck. The door light just stays on? I have tried banging to shock it into opening but also no luck. Anyone please point me in a a direction to...
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    Pyronix Enforcer ENF32GB - Going Off

    Hi all, I installed this in 2016 and only recently has the alarm been going off during random hours of the night when set. I have attached a picture to show the issue. I have tested the signal strength and the signal is very good for all devices paired, I had done a system test and all is...
  17. J

    Any Wireless thermostat on the markets?

    Hi All, are they any wireless thermostats on the market? I am not looking for programmable thermostat just wireless thermostat. Can anyone point me to any? Thanks
  18. J

    CCTV front door

    Hi Guys, Hope you are all well. Is there a cctv option that activates once the door bell has rang, something that is linked? I am looking to add this to my parents house so they can be vary on who is on the door due to recent burglaries in the area. I have seen the door bells with a built in...
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    Nightmare Tenants

    Hi guys, hope you all enjoyed the heat! I have a tenant who has not paid any rent since November last year, red flags started going when the agent told me she's single with kids but emotion got the better of me and I allowed her to take the house. She has only made two payments in November and...
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    Hi guys, happy new year! Can anyone tell me what this is and how do I get rid of it? the wall is adjacent to the neighbors and the floor does feel like it's going down a wee bit too. Thank you guys.