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    Cooker area refurbishment.

    Hello all. I have just removed a built in electrical cooker which was built into an old fire place. Removed all frame works and took back to original surrounding. Above were coo why xxker was is a sheet metal plate see picture. We are putting in a stand alone electrical cooker. As you can see by...
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    Confirming system and install

    Hi all been requested to install a shower into house first time I have not had spare fuse in situe normal just stick to upgrading replacing current systems ins fuse system is BS3871 no extra fuse in spare slot so the obvious choice is installing a second consumer unit. I reckon the system is a...
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    Warm radiators whole house

    Hi all Just had a radiator added to system since the radiators are warm. Would the position of the T in to current system have an effect have attached diagram of pipework. Advice would be welcome. Were the red is missing sellotape over before adding colour
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    Wiring boiler in control centre

    My boiler has only a live. Natural, and earth. How does it conect to the system without a SW.l feed
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    Hot water too hot

    Hi all. I have a gravity feed system, have just fitted a adey Magna clean in-between my zone valve as no access to return pipe to boiler. My cylinder stat is new and set to 60. But water is red hot. Emersion heater is switched off Zone valves seem to be working as levers are tight when no demand...
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    Control box connection

    Hi all. Not a heating engineer my boiler has no switch live. Earth/Neutral no issues with that one. My question is do I connect it to permeant live in box or as per the diagram inside lid which says It has to go into the terminal for the SWL but my Schematic says it should go into permanent...
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    Programmer connection issues

    Hi all new to site looking for advice. Horstmann centaur plus c27 gave up the goast late evening. So nip to shop got a Drayton LP522. Have a gravity feed system 2 X 2 port valves and pump. Boiler has no switch live. Pictures show the way my control box is wired up. And a picture shows back...