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    Wire coming out of tele socket

    Hi all i want to cut the wire coming out of the tele socket, can i do so and not effect my internet and telephone please? The reason i want to cut it off is that i dont have to get trunking to cover it or chaise it into the wall.....if its not needed or for other tele sockets which i dont use...
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    Another ceiling light guidance request

    Hi all, just put 1 out of 2 of the lights up thanks to this forums advice, thanks very much. i thought the adjaicent light would be the same, but there seems to be twice as much of each wire. I think i need to put the 2 × thick red sleeves go into the live of the new light, the 2 x blue and...
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    Please help on guidance of wiring a new landing light

    Hi all, can someone please guide me on the electrical connections that i require from the existing wiring to my new lighting connections
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    Replacing bathroom lights

    Hi all I’m replacing a bathroom light, I’ve attached photos of the current wiring and the new light wiring and also an image of the leaflet which shows no ground wiring required. Could someone please advise the correct wiring I need to carry out many thanks Charn
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    Replacing extractor fan

    Hi I want to replace this extractor fan, but I want to make sure the new one fits, any guidance on what I can buy please. The outside cover measures 6” x 6”
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    Gutter bracket replacement required

    Sorry forget to add the picture
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    Need to find replacement gutter brackets

    Hi all I need some help to find some replacement gutter brackets for my conservatory, I have tried the web but no luck so far. I have tweaked a photo of the bracket (one which is still ok) Any guidance vet y much appreciated
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    Fascia - missing trim

    Hello I am missing one of these trims. It’s the rectangle thing in the middle. Where can I get one please?
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    Dismantling fireplace

    Hi all, I have a gas engineer coming to safely cap off the gas and to remove the fireplace. Just wanted any guidance on the best way to dismantle this fireplace, the idea is to not have a fireplace anymore. Thanks as always!!
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    Replace patio door handle

    Hi everyone how easy is it to replace the handle in the pic with a Schlegel Style Metal Patio Door Handle With Built-In Levers. Wanted to ask before I attempt it..
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    Eaves tray install - tile push back or remove

    Hi, I want to install some eave trays as water is dropping behind the gutter as the felt at the bottom is degraded. I want to know how to push back or remove the first row of tiles so I can do the install please. Any guidance very much appreciated!
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    Replacing bedroom light

    Hi I am trying to replace a bedroom light. I have posted the images of the current wiring and the new light (also the earth wire on the new light fitting). I can identify the live, neutral and earth but not quite sure how the wiring should transfer into the new light. Any advice gratefully...
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    Water smart reader

    Hi all - I have found this under the sink in my new home..not quite sure how it works as it’s turned off at the display any ideas please
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    Demolish two brick towers

    Hi, I want to get these demolished (there’s two of them) I got quoted £200, I want to do it myself and save some cash...what’s the best/cheapest way to do it please.....
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    Zanussi Main Oven not working

    Hi I have just moved into a new home and the oven is working at the bottom but not the main top one, only the bottom oven light comes on, I have tried to set the time but still nothing, is the element gone, please help
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    Leak above garage

    Hi I noticed today a leak above the garage not sure why as the tiles look good and the flashing looks ok. Any ideas please
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    Veritas alarm flashing Unset

    Hi my friend has just brought a house and the unset button is flashing on the veritas alarm, we have checked the fuses and they are all up. We have the code. Is the back up battery the issue please?
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    Daewoo fridge freezing food

    Hi, I hope someone can help me, I just noticed that our fridge part of our fridge freezer is freezing the food, it’s on 4’s a American style fridge freezer....any idea please
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    Please help scantronic 9427 no power to keypad and siren going off

    Hi all, at 3am this morning my internal alarm went off and they key pad showed no power. Then I disconnected the internal sounder. At 3:30am the external siren went off and I disconnected the internal battery in the metal box and pushed the fuse down in the fuse box. At 4am the external siren...
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    Wiring a Light Switch

    Hi I currently have a light switch which I want to replace. The current switch has 2 holes labelled L1 and COMM with 4 wires going into them. The new switch has 4 holes labelled L1 through to L4. Can someone advise where I should wire the 4 wires please. Many thanks Charn