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    Removing Potterton Puma from wall

    Thanks Ian, I'll do that tomorrow. Cheers mate, Mick
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    Removing Potterton Puma from wall

    I've just moved to a new (to me) house which has a new boiler in the kitchen. However in the attached outhouse there's an old Potterton Puma (all disconnected, etc.) which I wish to remove and scrap. How do I remove it from the wall....Is it bolted on / hooked onto some kind of backplate etc...
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    Inline bleed valve

    The usual method is to tee off just alongside the upper connection to coil, have a short piece of vertical 15mm pipe with an air vent cap soldered on at the end.
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    toilet overflow

    Ball valves can be fed from either mains or C/W tank, the only difference is if its a normal Part 2 diaphragm ball valve; the plastic seat inside is different.(The one with the large hole-Low Pressure/tank feed & the one with the small hole-High Pressure/mains feed) You need to fit the right...
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    If it's not one thing...

    They're called 'Wasteflow' traps (made by Osma). Combines normal bath overflow with a means of connecting up to four warning (overflow) pipes from C/W tanks, W.C.s etc. Drips into the bath and causes 'nuisance value' (so the householder gets it fixed!) Very usefull.