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    Ikea Renlig DW60 washing hot, but not drying

    Hi all, My Renlig DW60 (underneath an Electrolux 911D53-0L, which I believe is also known as a F35020VI) has stopped drying - there is no hot air escaping when you open the door at the end of the cycle and the contents are cold and still quite wet. However, if opened mid-cycle then steam does...
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    Karndean tiles lifting at joints - how best to fix?

    Hi all, The Karndean flooring in my porch is lifting around the corner joints in particular: This is a south-facing glass porch that needless to say is exposed to extreme temperature differences. I think the floor was installed in 2015 or 2016. You can see I've lifted the worst-affected...
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    Strange damp pattern

    Hi all, Because of this damp, about a month ago I had a problem with the internal soil pipe to clay drain connection diagnosed - there was also damp around the soil pipe inside the property - and repaired (joint dug out and completely replaced). This is where the new paving slab is. I was...
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    uPVC window interior seals and gaps

    Hi all, Interested in thoughts on what's going on with my uPVC windows (70's house, windows are about 17 - 20 years old from memory of the paperwork the came with the house). As per the photo below, all of the windows first appear to have moved away from the wall, suggested by the broken...