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    building a rockery

    Hi, I have a largish wooden frame made of railway sleepers. I could either use it as a raised shrubbery and flower bed in the lawn, or as a low rockery. And i have enough smallish rocks for that. If I go for the rockery, what would be the best base? Would I have to cut out the existing...
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    cheap way of making a good-looking patio

    Hi, I've just had a quote for a 29sq ft half-moon brick-surfaced patio. I haven't got my breathe back yet! A couple of times I remember parking on an earthen-filled plastic-mesh, grid-type, base. It had been planted with grass and seemed a very stable surface. I now wonder if this system...
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    types of patio surfacing

    I'm debating about using concrete slabs or gravel for a rear patio. It will be used with a table and chairs to sit on and will be about 12ft X 12ft in size. A good few years ago I was up north in the grounds of a stately home and the paths were really good. I asked a groundsman how they laid...
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    new roofing of double garage

    Hi, My 20 x 18 foot garage needs the old felt, underlay, and boards stripping off and one length of guttering replaced. Then, one contractor told me, it all must be replaced with new material. The new felt would be torchon, if I've got the name right. He has quoted £5400 for the complete job...
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    twin and earth wired bathroom exhaust fan

    Hi, I have an unused wall vent in my bathroom in which I now wish to install ventilation. there is existing wiring in the duct which is live (brown) neutral (black) and earth (green), valid stuff I believe. There is no easy way of getting 3 core wiring into the duct without removing wall...
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    MK logic 1-gang 20A DP control switches

    Hi, This is related to a previous post in Nov re new immersion heater controls. I had to rush away before I'd finished the job and only got back last night. Sorry about the delay. I now have installed two of the MK switches one each for day and night connections. Only trouble is that I...
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    new immersion heater control

    Hi, My new hot water cylinder, unvented type, has two electric immersion heaters. I need a controller which will do two things: 1. automatically turn on and then automatically turn off the lower heater at night, during the Economy 7 hours 2, allow me to use only the upper heater as a...
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    Adhesive mortar or similar

    Hi, I have brick steps on a concrete base. The edge of the bricks projects out and over from the edge of the base and, where the bricks get the most traffic, they have come loose. What can I add to ordinary mortar to give a good grip? Or is there something else altogether?
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    sand and salt mix in brick pavours

    Hi, The sand in my brick drive needs renewing. I vaguely remember that mixing salt in with the new sand will help keep the weeds at bay. Is this right? So what type of sand and what type of salt will I need?
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    preserving an existing felted roof

    Hi, I had a new felted flat roof installed about 10 years ago. It is still in good condition. I'd like it to last another 10 years if possible and I wonder if there is a liquid coating preserver I can use to cover the whole thing. Some advice here would be welcomed.
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    2D lamp ballast change

    Hi, I have an Ansell light fitting that no longer works. It has a 2D 4 pin fluorescent lamp in it and an Ohmtronic electronic ballast. Could I change the ballast, assuming that this is what is faulty? Or could I change the 2D lamp to an LED plate type sort?
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    Gutter cleaning

    Hi, I'm contemplating using a wet and dry vacuum to clean out my leaf and detritus filled gutters. I would have to fit an extended hose with a hooked nozzle on the end but as I live in bungalow this shouldn't be too difficult. The thing is, how powerful would the vacuum have to be? I notice...
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    2Way lighting with led fluorescent tubes

    Hi, I'm lighting up my garage with 5 4ft tubes. The Wwikii has shown me how to wire them up, very clearly indeed. Congrats to whoever set it up. I'm setting up a 2way jobbie using two pull switches. Is it okay to just link one light to the next, using short lengths of lighting cable? I...
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    integrated lcd lights

    Hi, I have four very old fashioned fluorescent 5ft tubes lighting up my garage. I want to replace them with LEDs. Having got myself confused over magnetic ballasts and separate led drivers I've decided that integral luminaires are the way to go - if I'm right that these will just need...
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    benchgrinder wheels

    Hi, I have a bench grinder with, as best as I can measure it, a 13mm driving shaft. I wish to fit a grinding wheel with a 32mm central hole. Is there a sort of conversion kit I can use? Advice would be appreciated, please.