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  1. H

    rothenberger superfire gas torch

    can anybody tell me if i can fix the rothenberger superfire torch.gas leaking out the small hole under the ignition button .
  2. F

    Rothenberger 22mm Pipeslice - is this right?

    ...have used a monument mini cutter quite happily for many years but since I couldn't source a spare wheel locally I decided to purchase a Rothenberger automatic pipeslice from Screwfix here. From experience using the adjustable mini slice it does leaves a burr but it is quite small and easily...
  3. Richardthe3rd


    Can anyone please confirm if there's cheap Guides sold online that'll fit a Rothenberger small 22/15mm bending machine?? The 15mm one is very thin. Thanks.
  4. P

    Which tools for changing kitchen tap cartridge and tightning tap? will interlink for longer reach
  5. PrenticeBoyofDerry

    Which blow torch

    Rothenberger Super Fire 2
  6. bernardgreen

    Soldering torch and gas recommendation

    Rothenberger Super Fire 2 is expensive but does work consistantly well upside down/back to front etc etc
  7. O

    rothenberger superfire gas torch

    Take your pick.
  8. O

    plumbers, which pipe cutter?

    Ridgid 65S Rothenberger 7.0030 Does anyone has experience with either? I would like the Ridgid (don't know why) but the...
  9. tommyl18

    Microbore Pipe bender

    whats the damage for a rothenberger !
  10. ollski

    rottenburg formors needed

    plumbase do all the rothenberger tools.
  11. M

    The most boring fixture in the world EVER part 6!!!!!!

    NO ONE touches my Rothenberger
  12. swbjackson


    I prefer the Rothenberger one though.
  13. C

    Quality blowlamp

    I love my rothenberger superfire 2
  14. K

    What's the best professional "blow lamp"?

    I've got the Rothenberger Surefire 2, a good torch with peizo ignition & flame adjustment. If you want something just as good but a bit cheaper go to B&Q & buy a Benzomatic torch it's made by rothenberger anyway.
  15. kevplumb

    waterpump pliers

    FWIW i use rothenberger top notch :D
  16. D

  17. N

    Stopcock spindle handle, where from?

    One of these onto the spindle and then long arms (!) or
  18. hazetimesfive

    Help fitting a immersion heater

    i use rothenberger 24" never leave home without it.
  19. H

    Bernzomatic Torch - stopped igniting automatically

    Go into any decent plumbers merchants and they will have a rothenberger service kit,the torch is exactly the same and is actually made by benzo and rebranded as rothenberger A simple job and will get you going in jiffy :)
  20. bernardgreen

    Pipe Soldering Heat Stop