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  1. HERTS P&D

    Plumber couldn't remove taps!

    This is what you need to remove that tap: Also I take it you have a push button toilet...
  2. K

    Best push fitting brand?

    Hi all, got leak in 15mm mains water pipe close to incoming valve into house. It's in a very confined space. I clamped it with rothenberger clamp for temporary fix What is deemed to be the best brand of push fit copper or plastic fixings please? I'm thinking of cutting out elbow and replacing...
  3. O

    15mm Chrome plated copper pipe

    ...did want to use compression fittings and clean the chrome off, use an abrasive strip like Screwfix 2843K then "polish" with a scouring pad type material like Rothenberger Rovlies. 3. I'd use the same method for soldering, where you have to clean the chrome off, but leave out the polishing stage.
  4. JohnD

    Shared external stop tap is underwater

    ...and grit out so it is nice and clean down there. Rubber gloves would be a good idea. You may cut or graze your hand and the water may be very unhygienic. A stopcock key can be very useful. This one fits several sizes.
  5. V

    How turn lockshield ball valve

    ...Can I jsut check please, as all the keys I have come across are of the square socket type, such as this one at Screwfix: Where as the Pegler valve seems to a partially circular end with a groove for the spine...
  6. K

    Push fit connectors

    I used one of those so I guess no need to use sand paper or whatever to get rid of burr
  7. flameport

    Push fit connectors

    ...end plastic piece in towards the fitting, hold it in and pull the pipe out. For copper, cut the pipe with one of these: so there is no burr. Scratched or hacked copper will damage the seal in the fitting and it leak forever.
  8. muggles

    Power showers

    It's something you can measure now yourself, This will be useful for future tests too
  9. D

    Viessmann Vitodens 100-w maintaining temp problem

    They ran for 2h a Rothenberger pump with acid through the flow/return of the boiler.. quite a bit of yellowish limescale came out. Thing had crazy pressure. I can't imagine anything else being left in the heat exchanger or boiler after that.... but apparently still calcified. Viessmann said...
  10. D

    Wet pressure testing for too long?

    Hello So I’ve plumbed a new bathroom in 15mm copper and Speedfit and wanted to test it out…. I’ve got a Rothenberger RP30 and done a wet test at 5bar for 24hrs. All seemed good. Then I increased it to 10 bar pressure for the second 24hrs and the next morning found loads of small weeps...
  11. C

    32mm MDPE - Bury fitting with testing?

    Thanks for this. I do have a compressor actually so that could be an option. So are you saying that if it survives pressurising to 3 bar without leaks you'd then bury it? I just need to work out how to connect the compressor to the end of the pipe.
  12. T

    32mm MDPE - Bury fitting with testing?

    I definitely would not. Philmac fittings are just the job but you can cap one end then fill with water & test. Rothenberger do a pressure pump with a guage just for this job, sure you must be able to hire one? You fill the tray with water & hand pump it through the pipe until your pressure...
  13. T

    Outside tap

    Rothenberger freeze Pak ,will give you around 20 mins work time. Yes ,will freeze if tap drips. I suggest you buy a stopcock . Freeze pipe ,cut pipe with pipe slice ,fit stopcock. You can then work above the stopcock at your leisure to fit garden tap.
  14. T

    Switching from mapp to propane

    Hi, I use the rothenberger superfire 2 with hose and mapp gas as that’s the gas the hose came with. Now it’s almost run out I have bought propane. If I am half way through soldering and the mapp runs out, can I switch straight to the propane as long as I empty the hose first? Just want to check...
  15. JobAndKnock

    Is there such a thing as a dedicated pipe inscriber?

    ...obvious candidates for a heavy duty pipe slice would have to be the firms which make industrial plumbing tools, namely Rems, Rigid and Rothenberger (who between them make powered pipe threaders, crimpers, etc). To that you can add Irwin-Record who still make the old Record roller pipe...
  16. JohnD

    External stop tap tool

    ...could pull it off and steal it The water co might sell you a replacement. I currently have one of these The steel head has two square sockets of different sizes, and a "crutch" to fit a T-handle. The large T on the top...
  17. T

    Shower waste doesn't go quick enough

    The pipe is blocked. You can buy a rothenberger drain cleaning snake for around £15 ,and try clearing the pipe work. What length is the pipe from trap to stack ?
  18. O

    Soldering 28mm

    ...soldering. 2. If you find it tricky, you could try using MAPP gas, which gives a hotter flame. However, if using, be careful not to burn the flus out of the joints. 3. No idea what torch you are using, but if something like a Rothenberger Surefire 2, the standard burner nozzle will be...
  19. C

    Plastic pipe cutter

    Hacksaws are good, but I’d recommend using a file, to get rid of burr, no point being rough. The link to Rothenberger - I have a similar set for hep, and wouldn’t attempt 32mm with it. Ratchet pipe cutters are good as well, as are plastic pipe slices.