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  1. O

    entry level blowtorch

    In the main I am happy with with the build quality of their products but my Rothenburger blow torch plus rothenburger gas bottle was pants, it often blew itself out when you turned it upside down.
  2. D

    Strange Request.... car plumbing

    A rothenburger pipe expander may salvage the pipes.
  3. G

    electric pipe cutter

    £171 Ill Stick With The Rothenburger ones
  4. M

    New blowtorch

    never mind the fread ... Rothenburger are boss an for the calor bottle ;)
  5. N

    Radiator Tails

    £21.00 :shock: was that for a Rotten Bugger one (rothenburger)
  6. pompeyal

    Is there a blowlamp as good as the Ronson Variflame?

    Yep, Rothenburger is the way to go, use them in all positions, brilliant...
  7. L

    What Blowtorch???

    Rothenburger seem to be the popular professional choice. Several models to choose from .
  8. DIYnot

    Search by date order

    A glitch? Different times the search was performed? I have tried this: Both have 134 results. It's a strange one, I will keep an eye on it.
  9. N

    bending 10mm pipe

    10mm platic coated - Rothenburger make a 12mm slide for their ( and any other ) 15mm bender :idea:
  10. G

    electric pipe cutter

    There's a free fleece ;-)
  11. Bahco

    Anyone recommend decent pipebenders?

    Chris What do you find wrong with Rothenburger :?: Interested in your comments as I have one :)
  12. T

    can you measure bar pressure in litres per minute?

    oh, how do imeasure on a pressure gauge on an upstairs tap, one of those fcking expensive rothenburger ones?
  13. S

    Tool for the job

    Knipex tools are top notch, but Rothenburger do the same tool for less, albeit without the plasticky bits on.
  14. leakydave

    what are the best copper pipe cutters?

    What's wrong with the Rothenburger cutters? Have them in 15, 22 and 28 and never had a problem.
  15. C

    Is there a blowlamp as good as the Ronson Variflame?

    I have not had any problems with rothenburger gas torches, I use them in roofing but my make is a plumber and he rates them.
  16. Harry Bloomfield

    entry level blowtorch

    There is only one worth having, the ones the pro's use - Rothenburger. Instant, precise and hot, but 3x the cost of a cheapy.
  17. H

    Wet Underfloor heating on radiator circuit help

    What fitting would I need to attach to the Underfloor heating pipe to the rothenburger Pressure tester considering it won’t be connected to manifold?
  18. jeff the gasman

    Hilmor pipe benders?

    I've had all my old benders nicked in the past but have no complaints with my new Hilmor kit. DO NOT BUY ROTHENBURGER CARP.
  19. gaspro1981

    Old rad valve tails

    as mentioned get cooking with the blow torch easy :roll: but if ya still struggling :idea: rothenburger do a universal rad key with a ratchet its very good :wink:
  20. G

    fitting a mira exell shower

    I always find that a standard rothenburger, or similar pipe slice, will leave approx 18mm length of copper when pressed against the tiles as you cut.