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    Where does the flushed water go!?

    I have a problem with the downstairs toilet i.e. it takes a long time for water to drain away and loo roll does not flush. I have two toilets upstairs with no problems. I have home emergency cover on my home insurance and a plumber visited today. He lifted the manhole in the back garden and...
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    Damaged one "tile" in kitchen vinyl floor.

    I had Vinyl flooring fitted in my kitchen in 2015. A few days ago I cooked myself a baked potato in the microwave (as I have done many times before!). However, after ten minutes (2 x 5 minutes) + 2 minutes cooling; the potato was black! Therefore I put the potato in the bin and microwaved...
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    How to setup camera on the front door?

    I bought a house in 2014 with a camera beside the front door. I have never looked into how this works (up to now). Next to my TV in the living room; I see this the panel shown in the first photo. Note there are three ports that are not used i.e. SAT (I have a satellite but don't use it; FM...
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    How can I reset the burglar alarm code?

    I bought a house in 2014 and the previous owner did not know the code so I have never used it. However, my research is telling me that I should be able to reset the code. I am trying to find some documentation explaining how to do this (hopefully some user documentation exists). The following...
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    How much does a Diverter Valve and Cartridge cost for a Potterton Powermax HE 85 CP?

    I posted this question in September: The answerer talked about diverter valves and cartridges. I have a few questions: 1) What the difference is between a diverter valve and a cartridge? 2) Why could the cartridge fail independently of...
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    Diverter Valve

    I have a Potterton combi boiler and about three years ago I noticed that the central heating was activated when the water only was activated i.e. the radiators would heat up. About 2.7 years ago the diverter valve was replaced in my Potterton Boiler by a local plumbing company (see linked...