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    Insulated plasterboard at junction between pitched roof and wall

    I'm just starting putting insulation between the rafters on a new build, and have realised that the insulated plasterboard that will fit under the rafters will be unsupported where it meets the gable wall. I was thinking of applying a line of Soudal vapourseal down the end of the board, and...
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    Screw lengths and spacing

    I know that this one has been done to death elsewhere, but I do have a specific query about using 45mm drywall screws that I've not seen an answer to. Timber frame new build property, with my intention to use 12.5mm plasterboard on external walls and 1st floor ceiling, 15mm soundbloc on...
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    Gap under plasterboard

    I'm in the middle of a self-build project (nothing much happening at the moment!), and planning for how to fit the battens (vcl and service cavity) on the external walls ready to fit plasterboard to. I'm fitting three battens at the bottom of the wall (to give plenty of scope for skirting to...
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    Loft insulation in timber frame property

    We now have a new timber frame property erected, and trying to work out how best to install loft insulation in the (cold) roof space. It's a 1.5 storey building, and the roof trusses have been constructed as "Howe trusses" (per attached example image, please ignore the measurements). There's...
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    Damp, self levelling, priming and DMP??

    Hi all, I'm new here, so please be kind! I'm installing a new kitchen in a Victorian terraced house. I've stripped out the old kitchen, but the floor is still showing signs of damp, despite being free of the old fittings for a few weeks. Not wet as such, but patches are darker in some places...