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    Our project: changing a pebble garden

    Hello! Coming spring, we want to change our pebble garden and add more green. Ive attached a picture of the garden and tried to show what we wish to do. Basically, we want to keep the pebbles under the Gazebo (and maybe in front of the shed door) and make a little pathway to the house. But the...
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    Replacing old Robus Thermostat with Honeywell T6360

    Hello, it’s me again. I need to replace our upstairs thermostat because the dial is broken. We had the Robus RRF10 ( ). Our local screwfix didn’t have that brand, so I went for the Honeywell T6360 instead and am now...
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    Valve Actuator faulty: what to do?

    Hey guys, I hope you can help me with this. We recently became home owners and are now experiencing the joy of having to fix everything ourselves. :D Most things that came up so far, were pretty easy to handle, but a few days ago the Valve Actuator at our Gas boiler started acting up. It made a...